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Mar 27, 2020

Order Fill Analysis Engagement Summary

Quantzig collaborated with a world-renown German e-commerce company and helped them devised a smart, analytics-based logistics management platform that leverages machine learning to forecast demand and optimize order fill rate across the logistics value chain. In this success story, our analytics experts share insights on how logistics and transportation analytics and advanced order fill analysis can help businesses analyze order fill rates and address distribution complexities which will eventually result in optimization of costs and minimization of supply chain inefficiencies.

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order fill analysis

About the Client

The client is a well-known e-commerce company based out of Germany. The client is known for operating a complex network of transport and logistics operations across Germany. Utilizing almost 1.0 million m² of warehouse space and employing over 15,000 employees the client is also one of the global market leaders in the integrated logistics & transport market space.

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Business Challenge

Most companies haven’t yet achieved success in building a robust approach that is flexible enough to meet the dynamic requirements of today’s growing markets. Owing to the influx of data sets and dynamic business requirements, key decision-makers often find it difficult to achieve the target order fill rate without increasing operating costs. Also, it’s essential to note that the under-utilization of assets like warehouse, inventory, and storage space ultimately affect the organization’s ability to enhance logistics management.

With the ongoing changes and increasing requirements, the German e-commerce company witnessed a sudden surge in demand for their services. Though this was a good opportunity to drive margins, the client faced several transport and logistics challenges that curtailed their ability to capitalize on new opportunities. This is when the client approached Quantzig looking to leverage our expertise in order fill analysis to save money, improve performance, and optimize logistics performance.

The client’s challenges were further compounded by siloed logistics management systems, multiple distribution centers, scores of inventory locations, and a diverse mix of suppliers. Their challenges revolve around- standardizing business processes to gain visibility into inventory levels and the order fulfillment process, inability to build a more efficient supply chain, and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive environment.

The challenges faced by the client included:

  • Disparate, siloed logistics management systems
  • Lack of standardized business processes
  • Limited platform capabilities
  • Lack of flexibility in the supply chain network and distribution footprint
  • The high lead time associated with the analysis of unstructured data sets

Order Fill Analysis: Key Deliverables

  • Improve order fill rate
  • Enhance forecast accuracy
  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Re-engineer the logistics route map
  • Improve service efficiency
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis
  • Increase operational capacity planning
  • Optimize OTIF deliveries to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Estimate future bottlenecks

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Solution Offered

By collaborating with Quantzig the e-commerce giant embarked on a logistics operations transformation journey that revolved around catering to the needs of its customers without delays. To do so, several factors had to be taken into account including warehouse capacity, logistics route map, the order fulfillment process, and the approach to effective logistics management. To help the client address their challenges, we adopted a three-phase approach to order fill analysis that resulted in a complete overhaul of the existing logistics management system leading to higher-order fill rates.

The order fill analysis engagement began with a detailed analysis of the client’s logistics and order fulfillment process. The order fill analysis solutions offered in the second phase revolved around the analysis of shipment data and stochastic lead times for improving customer service levels and component replenishment rates. After analyzing the client’s stock and logistics data, we suggested an optimal routing and replenishment strategy to minimize cost-to-serve and improve the order fill rate. In short, the order fill analysis engagement unveiled a range of opportunities that helped the client to reduce logistics costs and re-engineer their approach to logistics management.

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We Offer End-to-End Digital Order Fill Analysis Solutions

Our portfolio of advanced logistics analytics solutions is comprehensive and aims to improve logistics management right from the planning phase to the delivery phase. With the help of our innovative supply chain solutions and order fill analysis insights, businesses can gain real-time visibility into logistics operations.

Order fill analysis can also help businesses to:

  • Devise an end-to-end collaborative platform to improve visibility into all logistics functions
  • Leverage algorithm-based demand forecasting to enhance forecast accuracy and working capital
  • Improve logistics management by implementing advanced analytical approaches

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