Order Monitoring and Management Delivers a Two-fold Jump in Revenue and Customer Satisfaction for a Logistics Company

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Improving customer satisfaction through better order management.

A leading freight and logistics company wanted an evaluation of its 3rd party logistics services providers and spend analysis to shortlist the most cost-effective suppliers.

Situation: Providing real time information on order status.

The client had recently conducted a survey in which the customers cited the need for improvements in timeliness and accuracy of the orders. To provide these services, the client wanted to utilize its customer portal, which could quickly provide the customers with accurate, personalized, and actionable information for tracking of their route, fleet, and shipment schedules.

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Delivery analysis, order management and monitoring.

We churned all the customer and operational information from the client’s systems, and integrated them together to define key metrics such as order status, packaging time, dispatch time, vehicle route, and service personnel contacts. The finalized key metrics were then analyzed using delivery time analysis and order management analytics, to be utilized into the client’s customer portal for providing real-time alerts to the customers.

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USD 550,000 revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

The client was able to provide real-time information to its customers regarding the status and location of their orders, and also provided alerts in case of delays. This helped improve customer satisfaction and the client saw a surge in revenue by USD 550,000.

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