Improving Patient Acquisition for a Dental-Care Provider through Targeted Marketing

Jul 27, 2017

For the fast-paced and continuous growth of any organization, marketing becomes the key that unlocks potential opportunities. In terms of dental practices, there is no exception as a dentist has to visit a considerable number of new patients per month. Consequently, to attract new dental patients, the dentist should ideally offer a competitive product at a competitive price without compromising on the services. To devise a robust strategic dental marketing plan, the marketers are relying heavily on analytics to identify weaknesses, opportunities, and potential strengths in the organization. By leveraging analytics, patient acquisition can be improved through various processes such as patients’ referral bonus system, identifying the target audience, encouraging an offer to beat the existing competition, and patient reviews and web presence.

Quantzig’s patient acquisition solution helps the client understand the target audience and identify the households that most likely become the organization’s patients. Additionally, our patient acquisition analytics helps the client devise new marketing strategies and effectively market the dental practice.

The Business Challenge

A global dental-care provider was facing challenges acquiring and retaining patients. The client was also facing challenges creating a predictive marketing model for a highly multi-channel marketing campaign to enhance their ROI. Furthermore, the client wanted to deliver personalized, comprehensive, and preventative care to  drive new patient referrals.

Our Approach

To address the client’s specific needs, Quantzig’s analytics experts developed a predictive marketing model to identify the households that are most likely to become the patients of the organization. In addition, the model also identified the target groups and peer control group to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

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Patient Acquisition Solutions Benefits

  • Better return on ad spend ratio
  • The targeted marketed campaign outperformed the control group in terms of response rates
  • Understand the provider analytics in terms of patient segmentation, patient journey analysis, patient lifetime value analysis
  • Understand patient churn rates

Patient Acquisition Solutions Predictive Insights

  • Establish a unique value proposition
  • Include dental postcards to effectively pique the interest of better quality patients
  • Direct marketing dollars to the right patients and generate positive ROI
  • Create a robust healthcare CRM platform

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