Patient Engagement Analytics Helped an Intelligent Screening Solutions Provider to Improve Conversion Rate and Reduce Missed Appointments

May 21, 2020

With the development of information technology, the concept of smart healthcare has gradually evolved. Smart healthcare uses the new generation of advanced technology including the internet of things (loT), big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, to transform the traditional medical system in an all-round way, making healthcare more efficient, more convenient, and more personalized. Amid this growth, the diagnostics and screening solutions segment has emerged as a prominent game changer in healthcare. However, despite differences in governing policies, diagnostics and screening solutions providers around the globe face common challenges. Patients now expect an equal level of consumer engagement that they witness from other industries, hence healthcare organizations are engaging patients in new and modern ways.

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About the Client

The client is an intelligent screening solutions provider that develops solutions to aid diagnosis through AI-powered analysis of visual medical data.

Business Challenge

This intelligent screening provider experiences close to a million clinic visits and nearly two million calls annually, due to many such reasons successfully interacting with patients has always been a priority for them. The organization previously never embraced automation to manage appointment-related tasks and outreaches. The screening solution provider needed a solution that would allow them to achieve better patient satisfaction, outreach, drive engagement, improve health outcomes, and most importantly improve patient conversion rate.  To achieve these goals with a solution that was scalable and data-driven, the organization approached Quantzig.

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Patient Enagegement Analytics

Our Approach

Quantzig’s patient engagement analytics solutions allow healthcare providers to engage and outreach patients more efficiently. To help the client tackle their challenges, we first deployed an orchestrated strategy of voice and email to effectively engage patients and reduce missed appointments. This deployment of a voice process driven by AI resulted in increasing patient engagement rates and improved patient footfall for various screening processes. To enhance the results and help the screening solution provider to realize their vision of patient engagement and patient satisfaction, Quantzig’s patient engagement analytics experts, provided a few actionable insights which helped the client to-

  • Gain deeper knowledge of patient needs and expectations
  • Improve quality of patient interaction
  • Improve patient satisfaction

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Value Delivered

Previously the client hadn’t leveraged analytics and automation for patient outreach, patient engagement, and patient satisfaction. Instead, they relied on conventional ways of outreach such as phone calls and text messages and issues such as a call drop, or network problems were giving rise to data full of errors and it was also a time-consuming process. Whether or not the patient answered the call, agents still had to look up the patient’s information and make notations of the outcome of the call. This was an extremely time-consuming process. After collaborating with Quantzig the client experienced significant improvements in patient conversion rates. With better, automated strategies to analyze patient needs, the screening solution provider was able to generate patient engagement data without any error and at a much lower cost. Quantzig’s patient engagement analytics solutions also helped them:

  • Achieve a 20% reduction in missed appointment rates
  • Enhanced patient engagement rates
  • Improve patient conversion rate by 30%

Quantzig’s Patient Engagement Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig offers data-driven patient engagement solutions such as dashboards and portals for record-keeping and analyzing patient data sets. Apart from offering interactive visualizations, these dashboards also empower patients to access healthcare information on the go. Our portfolio of patient analytics solutions also helps healthcare providers to engage with patients more effectively. Connecting on an emotional level, in turn, empowers healthcare companies to build a trustworthy relationship with the patient base.

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