Pharma Company uses Big Data based Brand Promotion Tracking on Social Media to Measure the Impact of its Campaign

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Social media analytics for a leading drug brand. A leading Europe-based pharma manufacturer wanted to conduct social media analytics for a leading drug brand.

Situation: Measuring the impact of product campaign Client wanted to track and measure the impact of its product campaign over social media networks and understand how the campaign was impacting their brand perception vis-à-vis their competitors.


Comprehensive coverage monitoring followed by usage of multiple translation tools.

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We covered exceedingly large number of social media channels and volumes in more than 10+ languages. We defined search algorithm for comprehensive coverage monitoring, and used multiple translation tools along with analyst led filtering, categorization and second degree translation. We also created custom key performance indicator (KPIs) to enable understanding on the focus areas.


Real time alerts based mapping of key influential bloggers.

We helped the client to develop a media dashboard with a tiered access system and round the clock monitoring and real-time alerts based on specified rules. Efficient management of High spam volume and mapping of key influential bloggers across the globe. Real-time visibility, submission of key findings analysis, and actionable insights.

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