Supply Chain Analytics for a Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer

Dec 13, 2017

Over the past few years, pharmaceutical products manufacturers across the globe have become extremely concerned about the challenges pertaining to supply chain efficiency. Moreover, with the rising therapeutic needs of the consumers, leading pharmaceutical products manufacturers are facing challenges in terms of pricing pressures and quality issues. Also, with the regulatory concerns affecting the pharmaceutical products manufacturing space, leading players in this industry space are facing the need for robust supply chain analytics solutions to monitor and predict the vendor performances across various business units. Supply chain analytics helps companies operating in the pharmaceutical products manufacturing space to minimize inventory costs and moderate the risks associated with the supply chain.

To refine their existing business models and increase supply chain efficiency, leading companies in the pharmaceutical products are approaching firms like Quantzig. Quantzig’s supply chain analytics help companies increase supply chain responsiveness, optimize cost, and enhance the overall supply chain performance.

Over the years, we have conceptualized and developed several innovative, smart supply chain analytics solutions for the pharma industry. Contact our experts to know more.

The Business Challenge

The client, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products with business units spread across various geographies, was facing predicaments in enhancing their logistics plans to curtail the risks associated with supply chain complexity and disruptions. As a result, they wanted to gain better visibility into their supply chain process. Moreover, the primary aim of the renowned pharmaceutical products manufacturing client was to gain actionable insights into ways to shorten delays in the supply of pharmaceutical products and gain better visibility into the costs involved in the supply chain and cut down the cash outflow.

Supply Chain Analysis Solution Benefits

To help the client reduce costs associated with the supply chain and drive sustainable growth, Quantzig helped the client measure the vendor performance and mitigate future risks. Additionally, the pharmaceutical products manufacturer was able to identify the revenue opportunities and enhance inventory management to cater to the needs of the customers and maximize overall profitability.

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Supply Chain Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Improve the supply chain visibility, demand forecasting, and logistics optimization
  • Optimize supply chain networks to improve efficiency and decrease supply chain risk
  • Manage demand signals more accurately to reduce inventory levels
  • Streamline transportation operations and reduce the cost of operations

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