Physician Journey Analysis Engagement for a Leading Pharma Company

May 15, 2017

A physician’s journey begins with assimilating an enormous amount of data about a patient to determine the proper diagnosis and right treatment plan. A hospital’s financial performance is highly dependent upon quality and outcomes, rather than patient volumes alone. Therefore physicians’ level of engagement is a major concern in the healthcare industry. Physicians are under lots of pressure to provide high-quality and cost-effective care to the patients. Due to the recent regulatory changes, physicians are concerned about losing their autonomy and are hesitant to participate in the quality improvement process.

By offering effective insights, Quantzig’s physician journey analysis engagement helps the healthcare industry, understand the next best marketing action at each stage of physician engagement. It is overwhelming for a well-trained physician to keep pace with all the latest research or have all the knowledge available to them. Our analytics solutions offer key insights to strengthen physician engagement with the organization. By segmenting physicians based on prescription behavior and measuring the impact of each activity, we recommend effective patient engagement strategies to reduce marketing costs.

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The Business Challenge and Quantzig’s Approach

With an objective to boost sales and reduce marketing costs, the client – the US multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer approached Quantzig to help them identify the next best marketing action at each stage of physician engagement with the organization.

The primary scope of this physician journey analysis was to strengthen physician engagement with the organization and analyze the entire physician journey by identifying the right targeting strategy at every stage. The analytics team mapped the physician’s journey in order to deliver the right content to the right person through the right channel at the right time. The insights helped their marketing excellence team in designing the strategies for physicians based on their persona.

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We brainstormed with each brand team to identify the physician-related data fields required to analyze physician journey. The analysts also integrated data from multiple levels and various fields such as physical attributes and marketing and sales facts. With multiple reporting metrics like NRx growth, targeting frequency, the channel of the target, and content preference, the team created individual physician journey maps across time. We also segmented physicians based on prescription behavior and measured the impact of each activity on prescription patterns to come up with the best marketing recommendations for each segment and stage to offer deep insights.

Business Benefits and Insights

Physician journey

The analytics team possess extensive experience in handling challenges for the pharma industry. We offered insights on the next best marketing action that was needed at each stage of physician engagement with the organization. The solutions offered insights on the key responsibilities of the commercial excellence team to strengthen the physician engagement. Data from multiple sources was integrated to create physician journey maps. Various marketing data such as call planning, e-detailing, email campaigns, CLM data, seminar attendance, and sales data were used.

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In a span of few weeks, physician technographic analysis has proven that tech-savvy physicians do not show considerable NRx growth when targeted only through sampling. Our solution also identified the physicians who were using competitor brands but are willing to switch, given the right content and touchpoint. Our analytics team developed a Tableau dashboard and integrated with their CRM systems that monitor physician journey and KPIs automatically. The study also suggested that tier 1 physicians have shown lesser brand adoption when targeted with personal visits from reps as compared to tier 2 and 3 physicians. The solution optimized resource allocation across digital and non-digital channels. The analysts defined business rules that were fed into the content management system (CMS) to serve up precise messages in the right channels at the right time to the right physicians.

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