A Case Study on How a Fine Wine and Spirits Manufacturer Improved Their Overall Spirits Sales Volume

Oct 10, 2018

Fine Wine and Spirits Industry Analysis

The global fine wine and spirits market is driven by the increasing consumption of alcohol, urbanization, dynamic lifestyles, and the demand for fine wine and spirit products during social celebrations. What’s causing consumers’ gravitation toward fine wine and spirits? Well, the rise in original, innovative cocktails and the spreading “cocktail culture” in the U.S have made fine wine and spirits a popular choice among consumers.

Benefits of Price Optimization Analytics 

Price optimization is the method that calculates how the demand varies at different price levels. Industries up and down the supply chain, both in B2B and B2C frames, fairly devote a massive amount of time towards price optimization to assure that their products or services sell quickly at the right price while still gaining a decent profit.

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Advantages of Price Optimization

  • Helps expand profits by preserving the same levels of customer retention.
  • Reduces the prospect of inaccurate or biased results by employing multiple methodologies, various data sets, and multiple models.

Client Profile

The client is a multinational fine wine and spirits distributor with more than 54 subsidiaries spread across 11 countries. 


As the fine wine and spirits industry is a remarkably competitive market, setting up and maintaining prices across the value chain becomes extremely critical for establishing better business processes. As a result, it had an immense influence on corporate revenues and profits. Additionally, fine wine and spirits dealers need to be innovative when it comes to their pricing policy to sustain their competitive edge. With the help of Quantzig, the client wanted to competitors’ pricing strategies and adjust their products’ prices to remain competitive in the market. Their primary aim was to expand business reach and offer products that meet the needs of the end-consumers, especially in terms of their price expectations.

Solutions Delivered

With the help of Quantzig’s price optimization solution, the fine wine and spirits industry client effectively managed markdown pricing and boosted profitability. The beverages’ company also increased its overall spirits sales volume by 9.4%. Value-based pricing is a path that secures results in the short run; it also fixes the direction for a path toward serving customers better, in light of the understanding of what value really means to them.

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Why Quantzig?

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