Real World Evidence Analytics Case Study: Leveraging Real World Data for a Physiotherapy Services Provider

Jul 5, 2018

What the Client Wanted

Leverage real world evidence analytics to embrace new partnerships with physiotherapy services providers, adopt strategies, and technologies to realize opportunities to discover, optimize, and drive organizational value.

The Outcome

Leveraging the use of real world data with the help of Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics enabled the physiotherapy services provider to improve health outcomes of patients. Implementing real world evidence based solutions enabled the client to discover enhanced strategies and harness new capabilities to support external collaborations with health systems, patient advocacy groups, and other real world data aggregators within the health care services sector.

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Overview of the Health Care Services Industry

The global health care services industry is fraught with multiple challenges arising due to a multitude of factors ranging from organizational inefficiency to poor technology adoption. In order to succeed in an increasingly competitive healthcare market, organizations offering health care services should invest significant amounts in processes and technologies that help reduce costs and enhance access to care delivery. This makes it essential for health care services firms to seek an experienced company such as Quantzig to assist them in investing in the future by leveraging real-world evidence analytics to be a part of an evolving healthcare landscape.

Challenges Faced by Companies Offering Physiotherapy Services

  • The emergence of real world evidence-based practices: It is essential to leverage the use of real world data in the physiotherapy services segment to enhance the efficiency of services offered.

  • The need for documenting electronic health records: Documentation of electric health records of patients plays a key role in future planning, research, and in devising solutions for major challenges faced by health care firms. It also helps measure the effectiveness of services.

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About the Client

A leading player in the health care services industry, offering physiotherapy services for addressing several issues such as curing diseases, injuries, and disabilities.

Client’s Challenge

To enhance the efficiency of services, the client – a leading physiotherapy services provider – approached Quantzig. The client wanted to leverage our vast experience in real world evidence analytics to embrace new partnerships with physiotherapy services providers and realize new opportunities by integrated real world data from several sources across their organization. The physiotherapy services provider wanted to leverage real world evidence analytics to devise a suitable workflow and enhance their organizational goals.

Benefits of real world evidence analytics
Physiotherapy Services

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Business Impact

The real-world analytics solution offered by the analytics experts at Quantzig enabled the physiotherapy services provider to overcome several data-driven challenges. It helped them leverage the use of real-world data to deliver enhanced services. Additionally, the consolidation of real-world data offered an in-depth understanding that enabled the physiotherapy services provider to enhance their overall business strategies.

Real World Analytics Solution Insights

To make the most of new market opportunities and to thrive in today’s technology-enabled world, players in the physiotherapy services segment should focus on devising a real-world evidence-based end-to-end operating model. It includes the development of effective strategies, technology adoption, and analytical solutions to ensure that they possess the ability to integrate real-world data sets and understand the appropriate resources for the necessary analytics, as well as tactical issues surrounding real-world data.

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