German Mill Reline Machine Manufacturer Redefined Data Warehousing and Reporting with BI Powered Solutions | A Quantzig Success Story

Feb 1, 2021

Solution: Data warehousing and reporting

Client: Leading manufacturer of vertical mill reline machines

Industry: Industrial manufacturing

Geographic Location: Germany

Founded in 1981, the client is a well-known German manufacturer of mill relining equipment used to automate the challenging and time-consuming process of replacing the steel lining structures inside grinding mills. Though the client chiefly operates from its headquarters in Germany, the company has set up regional business units in different parts of the world, including Canada, Belgium, and Austria. Having decided to undertake a data warehousing project to improve their BI and reporting capabilities, the manufacturing company approached Quantzig to leverage its business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

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Given the shifts in market dynamics, competition within the industrial manufacturing sector has increased astronomically in recent years. In such a scenario going head-to-head with leading players requires middle-market companies to exhibit advanced data warehousing and reporting capabilities. Speak to our experts to discover how BI and analytics can help you compete with leading businesses in the market.

Client’s Challenge

The client’s manual data reporting processes hindered their ability to integrate and visualize data from disparate sources spread across the organization. This when they approached Quantzig looking to leverage its data warehousing and data reporting capabilities to improve their internal and external reporting capabilities.

With manual spreadsheet-based methods and traditional data warehousing solutions in place, the client lacked a centralized BI reporting system for data analysis and insight generation. As such, sales forecasting and capacity planning were major challenges for the client’s internal sales and operations management teams.

A detailed analysis of the client’s challenges revealed that they needed a robust BI solution backed with powerful data warehousing and data reporting capabilities that would enable them to store historical data and analyze real-time data to deliver a holistic view of all business processes.

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Solution Offered

The client required a BI powered data warehousing and reporting solution to tackle the challenges faced by their internal teams. Our in-depth expertise in data warehousing and reporting enabled us to deliver an impactful business intelligence solution to address their needs.   

“We needed to deliver a centralized data warehousing solution that would serve as a single source of truth for data reporting, data visualization, and also serve as a platform for the client’s internal sales teams to query data much more securely,” said a BI and analytics expert at Quantzig.

The BI solution offered by Quantzig enabled the mill relining machine manufacturer to improve their data warehousing and reporting processes and quickly share insights across the organization for real-time decision making. This business intelligence and reporting solution proved to be a cornerstone to success enabling the client to achieve measurable results within a few weeks of deployment. Request more information if you’re looking to deploy a robust BI solution to support your business goals.

Data Warehousing and Reporting: Outcomes and Business Benefits

Within a span of six weeks, the BI based data warehousing and reporting solution offered by Quantzig replaced the manual, spreadsheet-based methods used by the client’s sales and operations planning teams. Data visualization and automated data reporting, a core feature of the business intelligence solution offered, helped create sales reports at the click of a button in a more secure manner than manual methods. Organization-wide access to sales reports enhanced productivity and overall business performance.  Advanced data warehousing capabilities also helped refresh data automatically and integrate it from various sources securely, reducing performance latency and costs across the entire network.

Other benefits achieved by the client include:

  • Enhanced data visibility and data security
  • Data reporting was made more accessible and useful for all users globally
  • Improved productivity level by 2X post-deployment
  • Seamless integration of data from disparate sources

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