IT Supply Chain Management Helped a German IT and Consultancy Brand Reduce Supply Chain Management Costs by 35%

Jul 24, 2020

Engagement Summary

Supply chain management (SCM) – the active management of all supply chain activities of any organization – is an important part of any organization. It helps organizations maximize customer value, achieve sustainable competitive advantage, and cut down on costs like production and purchase costs. Like any other process, this process is also prone to risks. Organizations need to take strategic steps to identify, assess, and mitigate risks in the end-to-end supply chain process. Like all industries, the IT supply chain management has its unique challenges. To tackle some of their challenges, a multinational IT company approach Quantzig’s supply chain management experts.

The client

The client is a German IT and consultancy company that operates across 45 cities in the world, in sectors such as aerospace and defense, automotive, banking, capital markets, healthcare, hi-tech, industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, insurance, and life sciences.

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Business Challenge

The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s supply chain management solutions for the IT industry to tackle the following challenges –

Problem statement 1

Reduce supply chain management cost – The client was facing a two-fold increase in their supply chain management cost.

Problem statement 2

Increase supply chain visibility – Accuracy and visibility into inventory management are gaining immense importance in every organization. Supply chain visibility is a holy grail of supply chain management. As more and more products move in the supply chain of IT and tech companies, the visibility of their supply chain network reduces.

Problem statement 3

Risk management – The client collaborates regularly with third party organizations with a supply chain process of their own. These collaborations were causing unexpected delays and expenses that the client could not account for. The client wanted Quantzig’s help in understanding and mitigating such risks.

Solution Offered

The experts at Quantzig analyzed the client’s historical sales data to predict the tech market’s seasonality and peaks and troughs. They also identified the forces driving the market demand for the client’s products across the globe. The demand forecasting exercise carried out by Quantzig’s supply chain experts enabled the client to accurately predict demand and meet customers’ expectations. It even helped the client to allocate their budget and resources effectively in order to better manage their supply chain.  By leveraging Quantzig’s supply chain management solutions, this German IT and consultancy firm was able to optimize its supply chain operations and enhance transportation processes.

Business Impact

The key business outcomes that the client obtained during a span of one year are –

  1. Reduced supply chain management cost by 35%
  2. Enhanced supply chain visibility
  3. Reduced and identified risk-prone bottlenecks in the supply chain
  4. Improved agility of the end-to-end supply chain

Why Choose Quantzig as Your Next IT Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider?

Quantzig has proven excellence in providing excellent IT supply chain management and analytics solutions that offer granular insights into various supply chain processes. With experience that spans slightly over a decade, our experts have created a niche for Quantzig in the field of supply chain management and analytics. We believe and deliver actionable insights and customized supply chain solutions that fit perfectly with your business requirements while ensuring faster time-to-insight and value for money.

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