Route Optimization Engagement for a Petroleum Industry Client: A Case Study on Streamlining Multi-Stop Route Planning

Oct 22, 2018

Petroleum Industry Overview

The petroleum industry involves processes such as extraction, exploration, refining, transportation of oil through pipelines and oil tankers, and marketing petroleum products. Recent studies that shed lights on the petroleum industry overview show that – the U.S is the largest, most advanced producer of refined petroleum products in the world. Revenues generated from the petroleum industry and its products account for a vital portion of the country’s gross domestic product. Several key drivers are influencing the industry’s competitive position, including upholding its commitment to safety and the environment, employing varying markets and demand, responding to competitive forces, renewing processes, and enhancing the efficiency of energy use and energy products.

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Future of Petroleum Industry

The future of petroleum industry marked by predictions of steady market growth, but is facing the dire need for developmental activities in this sector to strengthen itself. The petroleum industry is one of the harbingers of huge economic growth. In the future of petroleum industry, the use of new and improved strategies will become essential for extracting and processing crude oil into petroleum products. The roadmap for the future of petroleum industry includes advancements in current methods, the minimization of process energy losses, and identification of entirely new approaches to extracting and processing oil.

Route Optimization: Why is it essential?

Route Optimization is the method of figuring out the most direct and most efficient routes to all your stops and destinations. It also streamlines processes, reduces fuel costs, and increases overall efficiency.  Route optimization is an important contributor to the success of any shipping organization. Recent studies on the petroleum industry overview suggest that route optimization plays a major role in the petroleum industry. Major advantages of route optimization include:

  • Cut costs – Managing fuel costs is a major advantage of route optimization.
  • Save time – Improves overall productivity by allowing jobs to be completed more quickly.
  • Customer service – Helps improve the service level and builds a competitive advantage.

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Why Quantzig?

For more than 15 years, Quantzig has been assisting clients across the globe with end-to-end data modeling capabilities. With the aid of advanced visualization tools, we offer customized solutions that meet the exact requirements of clients.

Predicaments Faced

Traditional route planning has posed delivery challenges that have affected the distribution system of petroleum products. The client, a leading petroleum company in the US was facing tough challenges arising due to the high cost of fuel and the ever-growing need for reliable delivery services. They needed to become more efficient in the way they plan their transportation schedules and routes. Moreover, they wanted to meet tight delivery timelines, provide quick customer care services and immediate reporting on any delivery route variances. With the aid of route optimization solutions, the client wanted to reduce transportation costs and keep track of the progress of pallets, goods, or deliveries more conveniently.

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Solutions Delivered

The route optimization solutions offered by the experts at Quantzig helped the client in resolving several delivery and distribution challenges. The solutions enabled the client to reduce route planning time, improve customer communication regarding their orders, increase the accuracy of estimated order arrival times, and meet other customer demands. Moreover, the solutions aided in improving their services and monitoring the financial viability of a specific route for daily use.

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