Sales Force Effectiveness: Maximizing the Return on Sales Force for an Industrial Machinery Manufacturer

Jul 12, 2019

Sales force effectiveness has become a major concern for industrial machinery manufacturing companies owing to the declining sales margins and sluggish growth rates. Due to this, players in this sector are now focusing on leveraging technology to revamp their sales force effectiveness strategy, However, despite leveraging technology, very few companies have witnessed sustainable results. This case study describes how we helped the European sales division of a well-known manufacturing company to achieve substantial revenue growth through a comprehensive effort that aimed to drive sales force excellence through improvements in sales processes and technology.

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The Business Challenge

The changing market environment has severely impacted sales force roles within the industrial machinery manufacturing sector. Due to this paradigm shift, sales teams within the manufacturing sector are now responsible for delivering the right marketing message and other information to improve customer relationships and drive growth.

Owing to such factors, the client was prompted to merge its sales teams spread across regions. This decision impacted their existing sales force effectiveness strategy and brought in several changes in the business structure. Moreover, the new organizational structure posed major roadblocks in the form of missed sales and cross-selling opportunities. To tackle this challenge the client decided to leverage Quantzig’s sales analytics expertise to develop the necessary systems, tools, and strategies required to develop a structured sales force effectiveness model.

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To address the client’s challenges, the sales analytics experts at Quantzig focused on launching an initiative that aimed to optimize the client’s local sales processes prior to the implementation of the new customer relationship management (CRM) system. The overarching goal of this engagement was to improve sales by analyzing key factors and sales force effectiveness metrics to bring about measurable improvements.

The sales force effectiveness solutions offered by our experts enabled organizational restructuring and empowered the client to redesign their sales processes to meet their current requirement. The development of a precise roadmap further helped them to identify the capabilities necessary to maintain sustainable relationships with their customers.

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Sales force effectiveness also enabled the client to:
• Analyze alternative sales opportunities and the economic drivers of growth
• Deploy a reward-based system to improve sales force effectiveness
• Increase sales by 15% from the first to the second half of the year
• Identify $1M in EBIT through sales force improvements

What is Sales Force Effectiveness?

Sales force effectiveness (SFE) describes a collection of technologies and services that act parallelly to help businesses improve their sales performance. At Quantzig we understand that the sales optimization decisions are driven by various processes, systems, and strategies that are responsible for business growth. This is why we’ve developed a robust portfolio of sales analytics solutions that aim to help business leaders in devising a sales force effectiveness model to meet customer needs and identify significant opportunities to boost sales.

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