Sales Force Management Solution helped a Food and Beverage Organization Reduce Customer Attrition Rates by 12%

Jun 4, 2021

Engagement Summary

Optimum sales force management is the answer to all the challenges faced by an organization; it helps them in realizing the true potential of their sales team. Rising competition, a shift in the market landscape, longer sales cycles, growing complexity of business processes and operations, changing consumer behavior and buying patterns are the major drivers for an organization to optimize their sales force management with the help of data-driven actionable insights. Sales force management solutions enable organizations to build effective sales teams and meet customer demands effectively, thus increasing profit and revenue.

An American fast-food delivery organization collaborated with Quantzig to leverage its sales force management solutions to improve its sales team and increase sales.

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The Client

The client is a food delivery service provider based out of the US. Working as a bridge between customers and restaurants, this client works as a single point of contact for the customer and enables them to order and receive food at their doorstep seamlessly.

Business Challenge

The changing market dynamics in the food and business landscape as a result of the global pandemic have impacted the client’s sales workflow. The major business challenges faced by the client were:

  1. Unable to track customer attrition – Customer attrition rates are an essential metric to measure sales force effectiveness. It is helpful for companies operating in the dynamically changing F&B market. The client approached Quanzig to track customer attrition rates and pre-empt disruptions capable of increasing the attrition rate.
  2. Integrate salesforce analytics with their CRM dashboard – The client’s existing CRM dashboard did not make use of sales force analytics and thus could not offer services in accordance with the customer’s needs.
  3. Gauge customer sentiments – The client was not able to accurately gauge customer sentiments, leading to a growing population of unsatisfied customers. Declining customer satisfaction rates were responsible for their poor sales outcomes.

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Solution Provided

To address the client’s business challenges, experts from the sales analytics team of Quantzig focused on optimizing their sales processes and implementing a CRM system backed by sales force analytics. The real-time access to data from the CRM dashboard helped the client gauge customer sentiment and create optimum sales strategies.

The sales force management solutions offered by Quantzig also enabled the client to restructure the organizational workflow and sales team, which helped the client revamp its sales process and meet their quarterly sales goals. Developing a precise sales roadmap using the CRM system designed by Quantzig further helped the client identify the necessary capabilities to maintain sustainable relationships with their customers.

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Business Outcome

The business outcomes of this collaboration were –

  • Increased sales by 15% from the first to the second quarter of the year
  • Improved customer retention rates and reduced attrition rates by 12%

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