Sales Territory Mapping Helped an Implantable Medical Devices Manufacturer to Increase Sales Potential by 2.1X

Jun 16, 2020

Engagement Summary

In order to effectively manage sales performance, businesses must focus on sales territory mapping. Sales territory mapping is a plan that enables the sales team to strategize their future action. Sales territory design helps organizations to designate areas and assign specific territories to every sales representative. The client was a US-based medical implantable device manufacturer with operations across the world. The client was looking forward to creating balanced sales territories by collaborating with Quantzig. Quantzig’s experts helped them to create balanced sales territories in a demographically evolving market.

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The Client’s Challenge

The client is a US-based implantable medical device manufacturer with more than 3000 employees and core business operations across the globe. The medical implantable devices manufacturer is a pioneer in its field with patents of a few implantable devices. The client was facing challenges in managing their sales territory design. The client, a medical implantable devices manufacturer was looking forward to managing their sales performance with an effective sales territory map. The main objective was to build an efficient sales territory design that would meet the needs of business and ensure adequate sales potential of sales representatives.

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Key challenges facing the medical implantable device manufacturer included:

Problem Statement 1

Increase sales potential: The client has active global operations which were becoming a hindrance in increasing their sales potential because most of the sales force was spending more time traveling and less with the customers in different segments.

Problem Statement 2

Reduce sales cost: With operations spread globally, the medical implantable devices manufacturer was spending a fortune in sales cost. They were looking forward to optimally aligning the sales territories with the associated expenses of travel for the sales force to make sales more profitable.

Problem Statement 3

Improve sales force efficiency: With unbalanced workloads, the sales force of this medical implantable devices manufacturer was facing high pressure. The client realized they needed to focus on sales force satisfaction too. Thus, they wanted a sales territory mapping design which would balance the workloads of sales representatives and improve career satisfaction among the sales force.

Problem Statement 4

Acquire competitive advantage: The client was operating in a highly competitive marketplace. Without optimally aligned territories, the sales force can move faster when opportunities arise, which can help in beating the competitors.

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How Sales Territory Mapping Helped the Client

Quantzig’s sales territory mapping solutions combined with advanced salesforce analytics helped the client to gain a competitive advantage and create aligned sales territories which reduced the travel time for the sales representatives. To meet the expectations of this client we analyzed the past sales territory design and leveraged advanced sales territory mapping in the healthcare industry to improve sales cost.

Our sales territory design and sales analytics solutions helped the client to balance the sales territory mapping design with their company’s goals and guidelines. Eventually, the experts at Quantzig deployed automation and advanced sales analytics to simplify the entire sales territory mapping design. Besides, the deployed sales dashboard with a user-friendly interface also helped the client to make changes as required and gain real-time sales updates. The devised sales territory design also helped the client to balance the sales force and assign tasks based on region-wise requirements.

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Business Outcome

The sales territory mapping engagement helped the client to gain granular insights on the sales force effectiveness and performance indicators. Furthermore, the sales territory design helped the client to reduce sales cost. The sales territory mapping solutions also helped the client to:

  1. Reduce sales cost by 23%
  2. Simplify and streamline sales automation process
  3. Improve overall global sales by 65%

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