Quantzig’s Salesforce Analytics Solutions Helped a Leading Manufacturing Company to Improve Operational Efficiency and Boost Sales by 53%

Aug 29, 2019

The client is a leading manufacturing company based out of Canada. The client is known for developing materials used in several smart wearables and biomedical devices.

With the advent of new technology and lean manufacturing processes, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a resurrection of sorts. Rapidly changing market demands, aggravating competition, the need for skilled labor, and immense pressure to reduce costs are some of the major challenges facing manufacturing companies. Today sales teams across industries face stiff competition over quality and price all over the world. The average consumer’s demand for better-engineered and well-designed products is high, in spite of being on a slightly expensive side. Therefore, manufacturing companies must deploy efficient sales processes to deal with these challenges upfront while managing sales processes and data.

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Business Challenge

The client, a leading manufacturing company, wanted to deliver high-quality, innovative, and reliable products. They were looking to leverage an analytical approach to reduce their operational costs and improve productivity. This is when they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in salesforce analytics solutions to enhance their data management approach to facilitate quick access to all the sales data.

Major Challenges Faced by The Manufacturing Company

Problem Statement 1

The client failed to keep track of consumer behavior and usage patterns due to the lack of visibility into their sales processes.

Problem Statement 2

The client was finding it difficult to channelize their sales data and understand their sales performance due to which they were facing a significant decline in their productivity.

Problem Statement 3

The client was looking to leverage an advanced salesforce analytics solution that could help them optimize their data management system and extract valuable insights.

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The salesforce analytics experts at Quantzig adopted a three-phased holistic approach to help the manufacturing client tackle their core business challenges. 

Phase 1

The initial phase of this salesforce analytics engagement revolved around leveraging data mining techniques to extract maximum insights from consumer data. This helped the client to gain a comprehensive view of their customers’ buying behavior and response at every touchpoint.

Phase 2

The second phase of the salesforce analytics engagement focused on the detailed analysis of the client’s sales data. This helped the client to identify different sales patterns and determine factors affecting sales such as current market trends and customer interests.

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Phase 3

The third and final phase of the salesforce analytics engagement revolved around developing a customized analytics dashboard to help the client understand and analyze their sales data efficiently in real-time.

The roadmap offered by the salesforce analytics experts helped the client to improve productivity, per capita sales volume, and boost sales by 53%. Also, with the help of a customized salesforce analytics dashboard, the client was able to chart progress rates of their salesforce, comprehend sales metrics, and develop visually rich reports to fuel their salesforce analytics strategy.

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Why Businesses Choose Quantzig’s Salesforce Analytics Solutions?

Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solutions help businesses to translate data into actionable insights. Also, our analytics experts take into account several practicalities along with timing and budgetary constraints of players across different sectors. Additionally, Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solutions include the use of data integration methods, transformational tools, and best-in-class data modeling and data mining techniques to identify key sales metrics that would help improve the organization’s overall sales performance.

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