Salesforce Analytics: Boosting Sales and Customer-Centricity in the Telecom Sector

Jan 23, 2019

Salesforce Analytics in the Telecom Industry

About the Client

The client is a leading player in the US telecom industry, well-known for offering advanced communication solutions and innovative broadband services to hundreds of millions of customers around the world.

Business Challenge

The telecom market is a highly competitive, saturated, and a fast-moving one, as a result, the US telecom industry finds itself in an ironic situation with a problem many would think is a good one to have. A growing customer database may be a gold-mine in business terms but poses a major challenge on its own. Players in the US telecom industry are witnessing a major shift in terms of the products and services being rendered. The competitiveness in the telecom market is high with new market entrants, shifting demographics, and the changing customer preferences that affect sales metrics and the associated salesforce analytics strategies.

A major challenge for telecom industry players today revolves around optimizing the resource planning processes to decrease operational costs and enhance customer service processes. To reinvent themselves, telecom industry players need to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and improve their offerings every year as the technology and customer needs change. The telecom client approached Quantzig to leverage its salesforce analytics expertise and enhance their data management approach to facilitate quick access to all the sales data they require.

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Top Salesforce Analytics Challenges in the Telecom Industry

Problem Statement 1: Inefficient data management system

The client’ inability to effectively channel sales data and understand their sales performance ultimately boiled down to their inefficient master data management strategy.

Problem Statement 2: Lack of visibility into sales processes

The client’s sales team lacked basic visibility into their sales processes as a result of which they failed to keep track of customer behaviors and usage patterns.

Problem Statement 3: Lack of a flexible salesforce analytics solution

The client was looking at developing a fully-flexible salesforce analytics solution that can be customized to work well with their organizations’ existing data management systems and processes.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

It’s no secret that the key to retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones lies in having an efficient sales team. However, identifying the sales metrics that help to establish a strong sales team is challenging, as several interwoven variables contribute to a sales team’s effectiveness. The salesforce analytics experts at Quantzig adopted a comprehensive approach to helping the telecom client identify the root cause of their challenges. A part of which involved leveraging customer data to comprehend customer usage patterns and behaviors to effectively manage workflows and enhance visibility. Also, with the help of the salesforce analytics dashboard, the client was able to chart progress rates, measure sales metrics, and leverage pricing analytics to develop visually rich reports to fuel their salesforce analytics strategy.

Phase 1

The initial phase of this salesforce analytics engagement revolved around leveraging data management and data mining techniques to extract maximum insights from customer data. This helped them gain a comprehensive view of their customers, helping them develop personalized offers and campaigns based on the customer’s history.

Phase 2

Effective data management was followed up by detailed analysis to identify new influencing factors, such as current market trends, purchase history, customer interests, and up-selling opportunities.

Phase 3

Optimizing resources helped the client to cut down operational costs and enhance the efficiency of services. The final phase of the salesforce analytics engagement involved the development of a fully-flexible analytics solution that could be customized to work well with the client’s existing systems and processes.

The salesforce analytics solutions acted as a roadmap that helped the client to improve sales, per capita sales volume, and cut down costs while helping them achieve their long-term revenue goals.

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What is Salesforce Analytics?

Salesforce analytics offer a wide range of features in all the functional areas of a company, helping sales teams to identify new opportunities for revenue generation. It includes the use of data integration methods, transformational tools, and best-in-class data modeling and data mining techniques to identify key sales metrics that would help improve the organization’s overall sales performance.

Why choose Quantzig as your one-stop salesforce analytics solution provider?

Quantzig’s salesforce analytics experts are skilled in the design and implementation of evidence-based approaches to creating custom dashboards. Our team of analytics specialists guide clients and translate data needs into endpoints that result in robust evidence. We also take into account several practicalities along with timing and budgetary constraints of players across different sectors. Quantzig also specializes in offering a wide range of analytic solutions that address several challenges faced by the players in the telecom sector, including those related to- master data management and pricing analytics.

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