Sensor Data Analytics Facilitates Better Vehicle Management for a Transport Service Provider

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Proactive and preventive vehicle repairs management

A leading transport service provider wanted to analyze the sensor data from its assets for effective planning for potential repairs for its vehicles.

Situation: Proactive maintenance of assets utilizing the sensor data

The client wanted to proactively plan for the potential repairs and also manage cost of repairs under contractual agreements. To accomplish this, the client was looking for partners who could efficiently make sense of the sensor data collected from its assets, and utilize them to provide recommendations.

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Sensor data analytics and predictive modeling

We conducted an in-depth analysis and setup a predictive model for analyzing sensor data on real-time basis and proactively flag the vehicles with the risk of failure. We setup a model for predicting cost related to failures, and provided cost and pricing support for contractual agreements.

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Improved vehicle management and lower maintenance costs

The client gained insights on top reasons for vehicle failure, improved capacity planning, and delivery expectations, reduced potential contract penalties, and related cost. The client also improved customer satisfaction by fulfilling contractual agreements.

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