Sentiment Analysis Helps an Auto Accessories Supplier Gauge Customer Acceptance Levels

Aug 19, 2017

Organizations in the automotive landscape are leveraging the use of sentiment analysis to enable real-time monitoring capabilities and gain an overview of wider public opinion. With the help of sentiment analysis, organizations can enhance their social media footprint and understand the likes, dislikes, wants, and needs of the customers. Consequently, businesses can improve their customer service and engagement strategies by flooding the positive sentiments and formulating effective methods to counter negative sentiments. Sentiment analysis further helps in bridging gaps between the manufacturers and the customers by quantifying perceptions in terms of the brand, products and services, marketing campaigns, and social media engagements.

Quantzig’s sentiment analysis solutions help the client understand the sentiments surrounding their competitors and enables them to benchmark their performance. Moreover, the client can predict trends and develop specific strategies, in turn, making better-informed business decisions. The solution helps the client understand customer attitudes and react accordingly.

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The Business Challenge

The client, a leading auto accessories supplier with multiple branches globally, was facing a predicament managing the customer interaction across multiple web channels. Since the company is a distinguished supplier of auto accessories, the company wanted to retain its reputation and strategize effective ways to enhance their presence in the auto accessories segment. Moreover, the client was trying to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and online customer engagement initiatives to further determine their traffic.

Our Approach

To effectively manage customer interaction across channels, the client approached Quantzig’s teams of sentiment analysis experts to carry out an extensive research across various sources. Quantzig sentiment analysis team created a one stop portal to manage online and social media marketing content. The experts also created a directory to collate information on contact lists and coupons. The client further collated statistical data by slicing and merging customer, social, and campaign data.

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sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis Solution Benefits

  • Enabled users to efficiently track customer actions across channels
  • Leveraged the use of mobile applications for managing social media content
  • The specialized tool helped gauge customer acceptance of user campaigns
  • Determined traffic across various channels and increased the ROI
  • Utilized promotional strategies to increase sales of brands

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Sentiment Analysis Solution Predictive Insights

  • Understand the current and future customer purchase decisions, brand affiliations, and opinions
  • Build effective positive sentiments and combat negative sentiments
  • Quantify perceptions about the brand, products, and services
  • Benchmark the performance against the competitors
  • Gain extensive, insightful insights on the target audience

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