Service Request Management Analytics Improves Customer Experience Across Multiple Touchpoints for a Courier Company

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Efficient service request management across multiple customer touchpoints

A global courier company wanted to improve the customer service request management for its multichannel services and enhance customer satisfaction.

Situation: Improvement in multichannel customer touchpoints for service requests

The client had an omnichannel strategy and provided cargo tracking, helpdesk service request management, and queries/complaints resolutions by connecting its drivers, customer service representatives, and customers across multiple touchpoints. The client wanted to improve its service levels for helpdesk service requests, by focusing on customer service, quality, and delivery.

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Integrated platform for all customer data and customer management analytics

We integrated all the customer and enterprise data into a single platform and utilized customer management analytics for efficient visibility into the customer journey from the first touch point, to all the direct and indirect interactions.  We also analyzed the service requests to provide insights on betterment of first call resolution (FCR) process.

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Reduced customer churn

The client utilized our customized platform to efficiently manage the service planning for all customer-facing agents, as well as to improve the functionality of non-human (internet-based) interactions across its domain ecosystem. This resulted in improved customer experience and significantly reduced customer churn over the next quarter.

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