Marketing Analytics for a Smart TV Manufacturer Helps Re-Prioritize Product Offerings

Jul 27, 2018

What the Client Wanted

The client – a leading smart TV manufacturer wanted to seek ways to monitor marketing campaigns and understand their overall sales performance.

The Outcome

The client effectively measured and optimized their marketing activities and streamlined efforts to improve sales performance.

Smart TV Market Overview

The fluctuating consumer preferences toward online content as a result of the growing proliferation of high-speed internet across the globe is providing an impetus to the smart TV industry growth. Moreover, the increased popularity of smart TV has affected the cable TV market as well as the set-top-box and the conventional entertainment platforms, especially in the developed countries. In contrast, the growing demand for online streaming has opened prospects for service providers to venture into the Over the Top (OTT) space and dispense content via the Internet.

Industry Challenges

User Interface and experience: Smart TV manufacturers need to provide a user interface that addresses each device’s characteristics while centrally maintaining the DNA and intelligence of the service to avoid dependence on specific client technology, which may or may not be around in the coming years. This is becoming increasingly important as the life of technology tends to deteriorate at a rapid pace.

Smart TV with a shelf life: With a large number of specifications, technologies, and smart TV devices emerging in short span of time, there will be resistance from mainstream consumers to commit on getting a new or replace an existing one until the ground settles. This becomes a major concern for smart TV manufacturers.

About the Client

An American privately-owned company that develops consumer electronics. The client is best known as a major producer of flat-screen smart TV in America.

Client’s Challenge

With the help of marketing analytics, the client wanted to seek ways to monitor their marketing campaigns and understand the overall sales performance. The client also wanted to gain insights into the customer preferences and perception about new products to penetrate across different market segments and enhance their product offerings. The smart TV manufacturer was also battling challenges such as revenue stagnation, pricing pressures, and intense competition – and wanted to devise robust business models to stay relevant in the entertainment industry space.

Summary of our marketing analytics engagement

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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s marketing analytics engagement, the smart TV manufacturer was able to diagnose deficiencies in their specific channels and accordingly make adjustments to strategies to enhance their overall marketing program. Additionally, to establish their strong presence in the entertainment industry, the smart TV manufacturer also identified ways to re-prioritize their product offerings and launch new products in niche market segments. The engagement further assisted the client in determining the true ROI of their marketing activities in terms of social media and email marketing success.

Marketing Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions help companies in the entertainment industry to better understand price and promotional strategies to enhance their business performance. Companies can also engage customers in real-time, understand them, and predict trends in their behavior. Furthermore, smart TV manufacturers can leverage the analytics data to make better make use of their resources across their businesses.

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