Social Media Monitoring and Analytics for New Campaign Helps a Financial Services Provider Maximize Customer Reach

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Understanding the impact of new campaign

A leading financial services company wanted to track and measure the impact of its campaign over social media networks and obtain better understanding on customer perception.

Situation: Measuring the impact of new campaign

The client had launched a media campaign to promote its new offerings for the women and senior citizens. The campaign was created to educate people about the features and benefits of new schemes and offers. Client was looking for a partner to monitor the impact of its campaign and provide realistic suggestions.

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Social media monitoring portal development with campaign tracking and monitoring

We designed and implemented a social media portal to monitor the conversations of the target consumer segments in various social media and micro blogging sites. We deployed campaign and buzz monitoring, customer interaction indexing, ad performance monitoring and tonality assessment to analyze the social media chatter and derive insights.

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Re-alignment of market strategies for maximum reach

The client obtained a 3-dimensional view of key customer segments and their requirements. Based on our solutions, the client developed insights specific to the customer sentiments and their preferences and realigned go-to-market strategies to obtain maximum reach between target customer segments, and also developed strategies to position their products against the competition.

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