Social Media Analytics Solutions helped a Canadian FMCG Retailer Achieve a 15% Increase in ROAS

May 11, 2021

Engagement Summary

Consumers are constantly interacting with brands and layout out their needs and expectations through social media. Social media analytics collects, analyzes, and interprets data from social media sites to provide organizations with data-driven insights that help them make crucial business decisions. With a vast customer feedback readily available on social media, brands can now tap into consumers’ minds and take necessary action. Social media also helps businesses get a clearer view of consumers’ mind map.

The retail industry is one of the fastest-growing and most prominent industries across the world. It is imperative for retail players  to leverage social media analytics to monitor conversations from social media platforms and gain granular insights from social media sentiment analysis tools to stay ahead of competition. Quantzig’s social media analytics solutions include an alert system backed by automation and social media sentiment analysis that enables retailers to track and analyze social media mentions and customer sentiments accurately.

The retailer giant in discussion collaborated with Quantzig to explore and expand product offerings as per consumers’ tastes and wants by leveraging Quantzig’s social media analytics solutions.

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The Client

The client is a Canadian FMCG retailer with 250+ stores across the country. They have online presence as well.

Business Challenge

With the outspread of COVID 19, the client was witnessing a high demand online. With the surge in demand for online FMCG goods, the client needed to improve their service efficiency by introducing customized services to the existing and potential clients and expand product offerings.

Critical challenges faced by the client included:

Problem Statement 1

Track customer engagement – The client was inundated with datasets generated by their vast customer base and could not track online customer engagement efficiently. They wanted to leverage social media analytics solutions to analyze customer engagement and map their competitive landscape.

Problem Statement 2

Expand offerings – With the nationwide lockdown, the client experienced a high demand for their products and offerings and wanted to explore expanding their offerings. They approached Quantzig to leverage its advanced social media monitoring and social media sentiment analysis tools to understand customer preferences to do so.

Problem Statement 3

Gauge customer sentiment – With a vast portfolio of offerings and everyday entry of new players in the retail sector, the client found it increasingly difficult to track the overall customer sentiment towards their brand.

Solution Offered

Quantzig’s social media analytics solutions combined text mining and data clustering techniques helped the client classify customer sentiments into different categories based on individual preferences. To meet the client’s requirement and expectations, Quantzig’s experts analyzed the their historic datasets which included details of customer sentiments and provided the client with a detailed insight into the existing consumer preferences, patterns, and factors influencing them. With the help of Quantzig’s social media monitoring and social media sentiment analysis tools, the client was able to map social media engagement rates with key business outcomes effectively. Quantzig’s web analytics experts also deployed an automation algorithm to map the client’s  social media engagement with their customers. This automation algorithm helped the client convert their unstructured datasets into organized and real-time insights for timely action and better decision-making. At the end of this collaboration, the client acquired four other mid-sized FMCG retailers to substantially expand their product offerings.

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Business Impact

Quantzig’s social media analytics solutions helped the client:

  1. Expand product offerings
  2. Achieve a 15% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)
  3. Enhance operational savings
  4. Acquire four mid-sized FMCG retailers

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