Social Media Analytics Improves Brand Positioning for Spare Parts Manufacturer

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Understanding the target customer base to develop market strategies. A leading spare parts manufacturer engaged us to listen to, and analyze, conversations of the target customer segment for its fuel injection system, and develop insights to improve its go-to-market strategies.


Improving customer awareness.

The spare parts client wanted to listen to the conversations within the B2B target customer base of its fuel injection system product, in order to understand the kind of buzz surrounding the product, and also devise ways to increase the awareness of the product.

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Social media monitoring, buzz monitoring.

We identified and shortlisted relevant social and traditional media sources to listen to, and track the conversations around the target customer segments and conducted an in-depth analysis of the collected information using multiple proprietary research tools.

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Developed more efficient market strategy.

The spare parts client was able to realign its go-to-market strategies to achieve maximum reach to the target customer segments based on assessing the effectiveness of brand awareness efforts in generating mindshare.

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