Supply Chain Visibility for a Leading Healthcare Retail Client Helps Maintain Better Inventory Levels

Dec 7, 2017

In the healthcare sector,  consumers’ preferences are changing, and the customers are looking for fast, cost-effective, and convenient care options. With the growing popularity of healthcare retail, the number of retail clinics is expected to increase in the coming years. With customers becoming more informed than ever before, it becomes vital for businesses in the retail space to improve the supply chain visibility – right from the manufacturing stage to their final destination. In the healthcare retail space, supply chain visibility helps businesses streamline their logistics plan to combat issues pertaining to disruptions and supply chain complexity. In many large organizations, managing inventory becomes a primary concern. Supply chain visibility can address this issue by maintaining an all-transit inventory. Moreover, effectively gauging the supply chain visibility helps retailers gain real-time information about the production status and determine the actual costs of the products. In this patient-centric environment, supply chain visibility helps businesses compare the performance of the products.

To effectively address market challenges, leading healthcare retail clients are approaching renowned solution providers such as Quantzig. Quantzig’s supply chain process is tuned to provide a seamless and efficient flow of materials. The solutions offered by Quantzig help businesses reduce potential bottlenecks associated with the supply chain and improve lead times and overall performance. Leading businesses in healthcare retail can further identify shortage and quality problems in the supply processes.

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The Business Challenge

A leading healthcare retail client was facing certain predicaments reducing costs and improving operational performance. The client wanted to identify best practices in revenue management and improve profit margins to enhance visibility and reduce supply chain complexity. With the help of our supply chain visibility study, the client wanted to enable faster and more efficient responses to changing customer demands. The primary concern of the client was to reduce costs associated with the supply chain and inventory management. Furthermore, the healthcare retail client wanted to outsource, optimize, and manage logistics services in an efficient manner.

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Benefits of Quantzig’s Solution

The solution offered helped the client address issues pertaining to logistics and combat supply chain complexities and disruptions. The engagement also focused on identifying shortage and quality problems to improve lead times and performance. Moreover, the engagement completely focused on identifying the visibility blind spots to respond to disruptions in a timely manner. The engagement also focused on satisfying the future demand of the customers in an effective and efficient manner.

Additional Benefits of Quantzig’s Engagement

  • Gained a unified view across the enterprise and gained an accurate understanding of current business realities
  • Retail players were able to expand their service portfolio and enhance the patient experience
  • Identified the bottlenecks in the healthcare retail space and revamped the continuum of care

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