Supply Chain Optimization Helped a Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturer to Mitigate the Bullwhip Effect on Supply Chain Operations

Jun 20, 2020

Engagement Summary

The client is an American multinational company well-known for manufacturing personal protective equipment and worker safety equipment. The client produces more than 10,000 products including adhesives, fire protection, window films, and laminates. The client was looking forward to leveraging Quantzig’s expertise in supply chain optimization to optimize their existing supply chain network. Due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the client was facing a sudden surge in demand that they had never witnessed earlier. Thus, they approached Quantzig to address issues using advanced supply chain network optimization solutions and improve their existing supply chain operations.

Business Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and its widespread impact, the client, a personal protective equipment manufacturer, witnessed an extremely high demand for face masks and other personal protective equipment. The high demand for PPE, in turn, resulted in several challenges induced by supply chain disruptions including, inventory stock-outs, high lead times, and an increase in the number of SKUs to name a few.

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The key challenges faced by the client included:

Problem Statement 1

Keeping up with the surge in demand for personal protective equipment– With the outbreak of COVID-19, the client faced a bullwhip effect on their supply chain. The demand suddenly increased tenfold, resulting in a supply and demand gap. The existing predictive model deployed by the personal protective equipment manufacturer failed to predict the reasons behind demand fluctuations. 

Problem Statement 2

Lack of real-time market update– The client lacked real-time updates on market demand. The absence of a real-time dashboard was one of the major factors which contributed to the bullwhip effect for this client. Thus, the client was looking forward to deploying a real-time analytics dashboard to get market updates on demand for personal protective equipment that they manufacture.

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How We Helped the Client

By collaborating with Quantzig, this personal protective equipment manufacturing giant embarked on a supply chain optimization journey that revolved around catering to the needs of their customers and improving lead time by leveraging advanced supply chain network optimization solutions. To help the client address their challenges, the supply chain optimization experts at Quantzig adopted a comprehensive approach that led to a complete transformation of their supply chain operations. We developed a data-driven dashboard that provided real-time demand updates to the client to facilitate smooth supply chain functions.

Business Outcome

The supply chain optimization solution provided by Quantzig’s experts helped the client to predict demand and plan the delivery of products as per the requirement and set priorities. This supply chain optimization engagement also helped the client to –

  1. Streamline supply chain operations
  2. Reduce lead time by 46.3%
  3. Mitigate the bullwhip effect on the supply chain
  4. Revise inventory replenishment plans
  5. Stop further supply chain disruptions

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Why Choose Quantzig as Your Next Supply Chain Optimization Solutions Provider?

Businesses are now leveraging advanced analytics to initiate the development of advanced supply chain optimization plans. Advanced analytics can analyze structured and unstructured data to provide valuable and actionable insights. Such actionable insights enable organizations to make decisions on time and minimize risks. Quantzig today stands out as an exclusive supply chain optimization solution provider. By collaborating with us businesses can embark on a complete supply chain network optimization journey.

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