Quantzig’s Supply Chain Optimization Solutions Helped a F&B Player Achieve a Better Fulfillment Ratio

Jun 2, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study: 

Particulars Description 
Client Our client, a leading player in the food and beverage industry, was facing issues resulting from poor supply chain management.  
Business Challenge The client was experiencing challenges related to delays in product delivery and inaccuracy in production planning, which resulted in additional costs and loss of clientele. 
Impact Quantzig leveraged its supply chain optimization solutions to improve production planning and inventory management to achieve a better order fulfillment ratio. Quantzig also helped automate the client’s supply chain network to mitigate future product delays and unnecessary costs. 

Game-Changing Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturers 

Let’s first understand the importance of supply chain optimization solutions. The food and beverage industry is highly competitive, with multiple players offering various products. In this scenario, where there is a plethora of choices, it is a tough challenge for F&B manufacturers to gauge and cater to consumer preferences over a significant period. Market players must hold on to their customer base by supplying the consumer’s needs without any hiccups. All logistics and supply chain management challenges, right from volatile commodity pricing and inventory management to quality and safety requirements combined with high demand uncertainty, complex manufacturing constraints, and perishability, need to be addressed on priority. Therefore, companies need to have a strong, agile, robust, and transparent supply chain network to sustain and succeed in this hyper-competitive food and beverage industry. 

The Challenges of the F&B Client 

Our client is a leading player in the food and beverage industry. The client was experiencing issues related to delays in product delivery arising from inaccuracy in production planning. This led to many unfulfilled orders and high inventory and finished goods holding costs; inefficient inventory management also led to spoilage of raw materials, resulting in lousy supply chain management.  

These issues arose due to the lack of access to real-time data, which escalated into a situation where there was a delay in decision-making, leading to decreasing margins and lost customer loyalty. Quantzig used its supply chain optimization (SCM) solutions to improve the client’s production planning and inventory management, thereby ensuring a better order fulfillment ratio. Quantzig also optimized the client’s manufacturing processes by automating its supply chain network to minimize product delays and reduce unnecessary costs. 

Looking for a superior supply chain optimization solution offering, the client came to Quantzig in a bid to get rid of unnecessary costs.

Food and Beverage SCM Solutions 

Quantzig’s supply chain optimization began by identifying bottlenecks that led to costly inefficiencies. Our experts focused on reducing production costs via designing a lean manufacturing process driven by IoT in the first phase. This lean production process design enabled the client to enhance its supply chain network, ensuring optimized delivery routes and lesser logistics costs. In the second phase, Quantzig’s experts derived an inventory management process to enable the client to gain insights and updates on their product quality and safety. Quantzig’s supply chain optimization experts developed a data-infused dashboard to provide real-time updates to our client on its sales, deliveries, and product movements in the final stage. This dashboard empowered the client to create a transparent, agile, and robust supply chain network. It could now pre-empt bottlenecks and implement strategies to mitigate issues and, thus, enhance the overall efficiency of its supply chain. 

Quantzig’s expert used advanced modeling techniques to create a realistic model of the supply chain network, taking into consideration all client internal and external factors. Our experts then analyzed it to determine which of the several ‘What If’ scenarios drive optimum profitability, efficiently improve operations, and reduce unnecessary spending. 

Impact Analysis of Quantzig’s Supply Chain Optimization Solutions  

With Quantzig’s supply chain optimization solutions, the client was able to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions and develop an analytics-driven inventory replenishment and management plan. The solutions provided by Quantzig also enabled the client to redefine its production and distribution processes, which ultimately resulted in an improved manufacturing cycle. The other significant areas of impact on the client’s business were as follows: 

Supply Chain Optimization SOLUTIONS
  • Reduced overhead costs by 14% 
  • Reduced labor cost by 20% 
  • Achieved a 23% reduction in unfulfilled orders 

Key Outcomes 

Quantzig’s supply chain optimization solutions are designed to cater to the needs of its customers in keeping with the demands of the overall F&B industry. These data-driven insights would help to streamline the manufacturing process by reigning in raw-material wastage, production delays, holding costs of finished goods, etc. Clear visibility of the supply chain ensures that all the subsequent processes are in sync, leading to operations optimization. All this translates into higher profit margins, loyal clientele, and future growth prospects for the client in an otherwise very volatile and fickle industry. 

Broad Perspective on the role of SCM Solutions in the F&B Industry: 

The food and beverage industry are highly competitive due to numerous variables such as changing consumer preferences, ingredient visibility, rising operating costs, production efficiency, and product quality. These factors form a very complex operating environment in the F&B sector. Therefore, companies operating in the food and beverage industry need to focus on optimizing their supply chain operations for better production planning and inventory management.  

Rising customer demand, large product portfolios, and extending supply chains have made it vital for organizations to rely on supply chain optimization to deliver results and achieve success in business. Quantzig offers data-driven supply chain optimization solutions that enable its clients to ensure better production planning and inventory management. This will help them eliminate inefficiencies, pre-empt bottlenecks, improve customer satisfaction, and drive innovation and growth.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Optimized operations 
  • Improved cashflow 
  • Improved inventory management 
  • An analytics-driven inventory management plan 
  • Improved supply chain management 
  • Increased customer loyalty due to timely delivery of products 
  • Increased margins 

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