Quantzig’s Supply Chain Analytics Solutions Helped a Renowned Medical Device Manufacturer to Curtail Risks Associated with the Supply of Products and Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Oct 15, 2019

“With the help of Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solutions, we were able to improve supply chain planning, reduce excess spend. and improve the demand forecasting process.”

About the Client

The client is a renowned medical device manufacturer based out of Austria. 

The Business Challenge

With operations becoming complicated, a renowned medical device manufacturer faced the need to increase the efficiency of their operations across the supply chain to remain competitive in the market space. With the growing concerns related to delayed shipmentsinefficient plants, and inconsistent suppliers, the medical products manufacturer wanted to reduce operational costs to improve supply chain responsiveness and product quality. Also, the medical products manufacturer wanted to gain insights into healthcare trends in terms of the people, processes, assets, and the entire value chain.

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Based on the business requirements, the client collaborated with Quantzig  to leverage its expertise in offering supply chain analytics solutions to help them achieve better visibility and control over the supply chain and logistics operations across all locations and build capabilities to identify savings opportunities.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s advanced supply chain solutions help companies identify new opportunities within the supply chain and benchmark costs across each of the supply chain nodes. Quantzig’s dedicated team of experts used best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tools, and their deep domain expertise to design a three-pronged approach to tackle the challenges faced by the medical device manufacturer. This comprehensive approach helped the client to transform their supply chain into a world-class organization that’s tailored for success.

Phase 1

The first phase of supply chain analytics engagement focused on supply chain risk analysis. Our analytics experts helped the client to gain insights into historic supply chain information by region, vendor, and product hierarchies. Such detailed insights empowered the client’s sourcing team to improve their supply chain decisions.

Phase 2

The second phase of this supply chain analytics engagement revolved around developing a customized dashboard to help the client track and control inventory in the warehouse. This helped the client to precisely track and monitor supplier performance in real-time and drill down to the root cause of performance inadequacies.

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Phase 3

The third and final phase of the supply chain analytics engagement focused on improving supply chain visibility. This enabled the client to gain real-time visibility into their supply chain processes and identify potential risks that were impacting their ability to deliver the right products at the right time.

Business Outcome

Supply chain analytics solutions offered by Quantzig helped the manufacturer of the medical devices to gain relevant insights into the medical devices sector and the opportunities in the medical devices manufacturing space.

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Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solutions also empowered the client to:

  • Enhance supply chain visibility
  • Improve demand forecasting methods
  • Optimize supply chain networks and improve efficiency

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