Marketing Analytics: How a Telecom Industry Major Established their Presence in the EMEA Region

Jul 9, 2018

What the Client Wanted

The telecom industry client wanted to measure, manage, and analyze their marketing performance.

The Outcome

The client better understood the customer behavior.

Summary of the global telecom industry

The global telecom industry primarily engages in operating and providing access to amenities in terms of voice, text, and data. Businesses in the telecom industry are increasing their focus on redefining their current business models to gain a competitive edge over the other competitors. Additionally, to deal with the issue of minimal revenue growth and tightening profit margins, telecom industry players are revitalizing their operations and reducing complexities to improve the quality of the services rendered and encourage commercial offerings. Factors such as the affordability of services and the rising demand for high-speed internet facilities is expected to further contribute to the growth of the global telecom industry.

Industry Challenges

Decline in the voice revenue: In recent years, there has been a gradual decline in the way of communication from the traditional voice and text to internet messaging. With the presence of Wi-Fi, the use of internet messaging applications has increased; thereby, showcasing a radical decline in the voice revenue.

The rise of 5G: In today’s competitive environment, the telecom industry is witnessing the entry of 5G service providers. With 5G services offering ultimate blazing fast browsing experience as compared to the current settings, prominent players are under pressure to offer such services to meet the target requirements. This is expected to be a challenge for the traditional service providers who specialize in offering 4G services.

About the Client

The client – a leading telecom industry player.

Client’s Challenge

The telecom industry client wanted to gain insights into the customers’ preferences and perception about their new products. With the help of marketing analytics, the client also wanted to seek ways to monitor new marketing campaigns and understand the overall sales performance. Furthermore, the client also wanted to understand the marketing trends and measure the impact of such trends on the industry’s growth prospects.

Summary of our marketing analytics engagement

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Business Impact

With the help of marketing analytics, the telecom industry client determined the true ROI of their activities in terms of social media and email marketing success. The client also re-prioritized their brand offerings and launched new products in niche market segments to establish their presence in the EMEA region. With the help of Quantzig’s marketing analytics, the client also diagnosed deficiencies in their advertising channels and accordingly made adjustments to strategies to enhance their overall marketing efficiency.

Marketing Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s marketing analytics helps firms in the telecom industry space to better understand customer behavior across multiple platforms and make better use of their resources to make marketing main-stream in niche regions. This can further help companies to measure and augment their marketing activities and streamline their efforts to improve overall sales performance.

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