Telecom Operator Improves Customer Satisfaction by Providing Better Service Through Implementation of Network Analytics

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Improvement of network performance and optimization of operations

The client wanted to setup a robust solution that would help them successfully enhance network management and optimize network operations.

Situation: Reduced customer satisfaction due to traditional network management techniques

Due to the increasing number of subscribers and the rising volume of data, the client was facing challenges in managing the network efficiently and in planning the network capacity. They were facing issues in managing huge volumes of information to derive the required insights. The historic methods of network management resulted in lowered levels of customer service, thus creating a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

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Network management solution for improving operations

We deployed an end-to-end network management solution that enabled the client to manage the network in an improved manner. Our solution defined key performance metrics and used predictive analytics techniques to identify and resolve network issues. Our solution also provided the clients with insights on optimizing network spend for improved profitability.

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Improved customer satisfaction through implementing network analytics

Our solution helped the client in the proactive identification of network issues and resolving them in a timely manner. This helped them in improving customer satisfaction levels and reduce customer churn rates. The client also was able to improve its capacity planning efforts for providing a greater quality of service.

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