Telecom Service Provider Improves Customer Satisfaction Through the Implementation of a Real-time Customer Feedback Analytics Model

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Improving the customer feedback mechanism.

A leading telecom provider wanted to assess the feedback from customers on a near real-time basis to enable quick redressal of concerns and improve operations.

Situation: Traditional customer feedback mechanism not yielding the right insights. The client was using traditional methods of gathering feedback from customers that included surveys, feedback through customer service executives, etc., which provided historic information but no fresh insights.

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Devised a dashboard based solution to derive insights through real-time assessment of sales and customer support data. We developed a dashboard based solution which could provide real-time assessment of sales and customer support data, and help develop insights on customer behavior and attitude towards them. Our solutions also allowed the sales and customer service executives to trigger quick surveys with customers wherever possible and obtain fresh inputs. The insights derived by performing analytics on the customer data was made available on a real-time basis to the decision-makers.

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Improved customer satisfaction level through improved customer service.

Our solution helped them in obtaining visibility on customer feedback on a real-time basis and conduct assessment on the reasons behind their satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels. They implemented a mechanism to achieve quick redressal of customer concerns. Based on this, the client was able to improve customer service significantly resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

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