Price Change Impact Assessment for a Leading Telecommunication Industry Firm

Aug 16, 2018

Telecommunications Industry Overview

A few years ago, we lived in a world where consumerism was at its lowest with no smartphones or social channels, owing to the limited choice of goods and services on offer. However, today, we cannot imagine ourselves living in a world with no access to such factors, thanks to the proliferation of technology and the impact of telecommunications industry trends.

The growth of the global telecommunications industry has been remarkable owing to digitization and the advancements in this sector. The telecommunications industry is a part of the ICT infrastructure and comprises of all telecom companies and ISP’s.

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Telecommunications Industry Trends

The ongoing technological innovations and information waves have driven the growth rates and have also influenced the telecommunications industry trends to a great extent. However, we have reached a stage where saturated telecom penetration has increased and the industry players are now facing new disruptions in the form of telecommunications industry trends that are all set to drive major changes in the global telecommunications industry.

  • Mobility: Advancements in this field along with the growth of mobile connectivity have far outclassed fixed-line connectivity. This is because most of the growth is taking place in developing countries, where this option is less expensive, convenient, and useful.

  • Security: As customers’ needs change they will begin to expect more proactive security from the entire internet value chain and service providers will be expected to cater to their needs with the help of a range of technical innovations. However, if telecom industry players embrace such telecommunications industry trends, the demand for enhanced security may even turn out to be a distinguishing factor.

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What the Client Wanted

Implement price analysis techniques to understand the overall price change impact on their sales volume and to comply with the dynamic telecommunications industry trends.

The Outcome

A leading telecommunications industry major wanted to analyze the impact of pricing in order to determine the best price for their services. As such, they approached Quantzig to conduct a comprehensive price change impact assessment in combination with systematic price analysis techniques to analyze their price structure and its accordance with the telecommunications industry trends.

About the Client

One of the largest world’s largest public telecommunications service provider.

Client’s Challenge

Owing to the difficulties associated with precise pricing decision making, the client wanted to analyze critical metrics impacted by price changes. They wanted to implement price analysis techniques to discover suitable pricing strategies and keep abreast of the telecommunications industry trends in terms of pricing.

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Business Impact

This assessment offered solutions that helped the client to identify key telecommunications industry trends, rebuild their market position, redesign their business system, and develop innovative offerings for the end-users all by enhancing their pricing strategies.

Price Analysis Techniques Insights

Telecommunication industry players are poised to witness increasingly tough times owing to digitization, which is constantly changing the market landscape along with the telecommunications industry trends. This has leveraged the need for adequate techniques to analyze pricing structures, as pricing is the key to improve profitability.

The use of analytics that is intended for boosting business outcomes is at the core of modern pricing strategies, price leveraging, and pricing techniques. However, several companies are not able to unlock its real potential and rely on gut instincts and traditional methods of critical decision making that increases their business risks.


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