Inventory Optimization for a Leading Video Services Provider Helps Manage and Streamline their Capital Investment

Nov 15, 2017

In recent years, the digital landscape has shifted to a more advanced pay-per-view model with the presence of numerous service providers in the video services space. Also, with the relentless growth in technology, leading video services providers are planning to offer over-the-top services to the customers through advertisements, subscriptions, and DTO services. Moreover, the radical shift from traditional web conferencing to advanced cloud-based conferencing services has necessitated the need for effective inventory management to effectively store, track, and ensure better inventory. With the help of an inventory management solution, video services providers can keep track of their inventory levels and devise an effective purchasing plan to bridge the demand-supply gap among the customers. Inventory management strategies can also help businesses securely store media assets while monetizing new revenue streams. In the video services space, inventory management also assists service providers to optimize their workflow efficiencies while curtailing additional costs associated with it.

In the video services space, understanding customers’ overall needs becomes a primary concern. To address issues pertaining to storage, leading video services providers are approaching companies like Quantzig. With expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s inventory management solutions help video production service providers effectively keep track of their services and offer real-time video monitoring services to the customers.

The Business Challenge

A renowned video services provider with a considerable number of service offerings spread across the globe was facing certain predicaments managing large amounts of data across various networks. The video services provider wanted to deliver video-on-demand and offer personalized services to the customers. With the help of inventory management services, the media and entertainment industry client wanted to seek ways to effectively keep track of their data and monitor the services rendered. Moreover, the video services client wanted to offer more subscription services on a weekly and monthly basis.

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Benefits of Inventory Management

The inventory management solution offered by Quantzig helped the client effectively manage large amounts of video data and further share these data across networks. Furthermore, the engagement also assisted the client to shift toward a more consumer-centric approach by offering services such as video communication and video conferencing. Also, the video services provider was able to manage their inventory levels and adequately streamline their capital investment. Through a robust inventory management solution, leading video services provider was further able to deliver videos-on-demand for media content across the entertainment and social networking space.

Inventory Management Predictive Insights for the Video Services Client

  • Understand the consumers content watching preferences and offer video-on-demand services
  • Adequate shift their advertising spends based on the traffic updates
  • Increase the overall business productivity by 10% and offer seamless streaming services through mobile phones
  • Improve piracy associated with digital video content and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Provide subscription-based services on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis

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