Quantzig’s Web Analytics Solution Helps a Leading Retailer Chain Improve its ROI

Jul 23, 2017

Todays’ retail environment is dynamic due to the presence of numerous channels such as traditional web, mobile applications, email, chat, online forums, and physical stores. According to the latest research study, it is estimated that while a marginal percentage of people utilize smartphones for shopping, a considerable number of consumers leverage smartphones to research about the products. Consequently, with the extensive use of applications, online and mobile channels have imposed additional pressure on retailers to offer products at relatively low prices. To effectively optimize operations, maximize margins, and better understand the customers, retailers have started adopting web analytics solutions to streamline processes and increase ROIs.

Quantzig’s web analytics solution helps businesses understand the behavior of the visitor, source of visit, pages viewed, and actions taken on the site. Also, our web analytics solution offers information on key parameters such as web traffic, visitors count, web page bounce rate, identify exit pages, and optimize marketing campaigns.

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The Business Challenge

A global conglomerate in retail was facing challenges in implementing and improving web analytics on their web properties, including the e-commerce site. The client wanted to integrate new web applications to improve sales performance to meet their potential business needs. Furthermore, the client also wanted to deploy fast-growing and conversion-driven analytics to increase traffic; thereby, enhancing the ROI.

Our Approach

To address the client’s specific business needs, Quantzig’s team of experts collated information obtained from various sources to address the client’s specific requirements and provide an effective solution to monitor customer behavior, enhance product marketing, and implement web analytics. Furthermore, Quantzig’s industry experts engaged with the client’s business team to understand customers’ behavior and activities.

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Web Analytics Assessment Benefits

  • Reduced operational costs and an increase in the ROI
  • Promote products based on customers’ browsing activity in terms of the region
  • Decrease bounce rates and increase sales
  • Track the flow of traffic and determine the appropriate space to invest marketing dollars and time

Web Analytics Predictive Insights

  • Understand the campaigns contributing to conversions by utilizing the Google Analytics attribution channel
  • Identify key geographies in terms of countries, regions, or states and target the specific areas
  • Leverage web analytics to create advertising campaigns for specific geographies
  • Identify the call to action that generates the most interest

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