A UK-based Fashion Retailer Developed a Best-in-Class Website Performance Monitoring Strategy to Tackle Usage Peaks During the Christmas Season | A Web Analytics Case Study

Jun 14, 2019

Engagement Summary

A leading UK-based fashion retailer wanted to analyze their websites’ performance during Black Friday and other usage peaks that occur during the Christmas season sale. This case study explores the client’s challenges in mobile website performance monitoring and highlights how our advanced website analytics solutions helped them to analyze customer sentiments and increase conversions.

The Business Challenge

With marketing campaign metrics and clickstream data coming from diverse customer touchpoints and analytics platforms, retailers today need to employ cohesive ways to analyze their web data. In the past businesses solely relied on external third-party website performance monitoring solutions to gain insights into their web data. However, a solution to consolidate all the campaign metrics into a single unified view is sorely needed to enhance decision-making in today’s competitive market place. Facing several challenges in website performance monitoring the client wanted to leverage their analytical capabilities and draw insights from their web data.

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The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s web analytics expertise to gain a unified view of their global website performance data across a variety of digital assets such as websites, banner advertising, and social media platforms. Also, they were looking at leveraging website analytics to build awareness of their brand and improve customer reach. Our task was to assess the health of their website by conducting a website performance monitoring assessment to identify obstacles that curbed their online visibility.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The client needed a comprehensive plan that would help them continually monitor and track web performance metrics across different platforms. The initial phase of this website performance monitoring assessment revolved around consolidating the web data to analyze the effectiveness of their campaigns by comparing it with defined KPI’s. During the second phase, our web analytics experts developed a custom dashboard that empowered them to track key website monitoring metrics by creating custom data filters and building graphs and tables. The dashboard also offered unprecedented insights into campaign performance, which in turn, aided the client to understand their target audience.

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The solutions offered also empowered the client to gain greater visibility into their customer’s buying behavior and analyze the popularity of their products across regions. With such details at their fingertips, they were able to focus their marketing dollars on initiatives that generated higher revenue, while reducing overall marketing dollars spent due to improved targeting of potential customers.

Quantzig’s website performance monitoring solutions also enabled the client to:
• Quickly identify and resolve web performance issues
• Gain 360-degree visibility on web performance
• Continually track and monitor key web performance monitoring metrics

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