Website Performance Assessment to Boost End-user Engagement: How Quantzig Helped an Online News Publishing Company

Apr 25, 2018

Online newspapers are digital versions of a publication, either in the form of a printed periodical or stand-alone online news. The impact of the digital age has dramatically influenced the media and entertainment industry. The end-users of today prefer reading online news; thereby, increasing the demand for such services. Moreover, leading online news publishing companies have begun to experiment with new ways of creating content and engaging with their audience. This makes it necessary to assess the performance of the website and offer better quality content.

The Business Challenge

Company Description- A leading online news publishing company with several business units spread across the globe. Also, involved in newspaper publishing in the form of printed periodicals.

The client, approached our team of experts to help them improve the performance of their website. The online news publisher was facing several issues arising due to poor website performance, which included issues such as page delays resulting in significant profit decline.

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The client also wanted to improve customer engagement by catering to their needs and preferences. Additionally, the client wanted to assess their competitors’ websites to gain valuable insights into their strengths, weakness, and strategies. As such, they were looking at implementing a website performance assessment solution to improve the overall user experience.

Website Performance

The Solution and the Business Impact

Quantzig’s website performance assessment enabled the online news publishing company to gain detailed insights into end-user behavior. It also helped them drive traffic and improve end-user engagement. Moreover, this engagement assisted the client in enhancing the quality of content displayed on their online channel.

Website Performance Assessment Solution Predictive Insights

Website performance assessments help companies to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their websites. It is essential for any firm with an online presence to carry out a through website performance assessment to ensure site usability. Moreover employing a website performance assessment helped the client in measuring the web metrics to determine the impact of the webpage. It also assisted them in improving the quality of content by developing a roadmap to success with the website and business goals in mind. This helped them improve end-user engagement by ensuring easy navigation.

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Here are a few essential features that every online news platform should incorporate:

  • Enhance the experience of mobile web platforms- Website performance and speed-related issues are the major pain points for online platforms. Pages that have a poor display, slow to load, and filled with ads disinterest the end-users, and they usually end up switching over to other websites that offer better compatibility.
  • Homepage customization- Offering personalized news offering to the readers plays a significant role in improving their engagement. Online news platforms should provide their audience with the capability to customize their homepages. This enables them to select specific topics, content, tags, and authors they wish to follow.
  • Text-streaming technologies- Text-streaming software streams the text on the monitor or screen one word at a time; thereby, eliminating the need to move our eyes from one term to another. It frees the readers from physically interacting with the screen and also offers the possibility to change the frequency of streaming.
  • Geo-based notifications- It is an essential way for online news publishers to keep them updated about what is going on around them. Geo-based push notifications make it easier for readers to browse the website.

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