Category Planning: How Quantzig Helped a Whole Grain Foods Manufacturer Identify KPI’s and Effectually Allocate Resources

May 9, 2018

Client: A whole grain foods manufacturer

Area of engagement: Category planning

Whole grain foods market’s revenue is expected to rise rapidly over the coming years. The whole grain foods market is anticipated to perform well in the near future owing to its long-term health benefits and expanding consumption of whole grains among food and beverage consumers. Additionally, the recent increase in health issues such gastrointestinal diseases, the obesity epidemic, and heart-related problems has led to an increase in the requirement for whole grain foods. Furthermore, the growth in the demand for ready-to-eat whole grain foods that are convenient and easy to use, improves tastes and flavors of cereals, and easy to consume are some of the other factors fueling the market’s growth.

The Business Challenge

The client, a whole grain foods manufacturer with distribution centers spread across 35 cities in over 11 countries, wanted to understand customer buying habits and the decision-making process to position their products effectively. The client also wanted to provide a superior value to their customers by offering personalized products.

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The Solution and the Business Impact

The category planning solution offered by Quantzig assisted the whole grain foods manufacturer in addressing issues connected to the additional spends and gain up-to-date market insights in terms of the nature of competition and cost drivers. With the help of the category planning solution, the client also gained real-time insights into the opportunity analysis to further drive value and increase stakeholder engagement. Furthermore, the whole grain foods manufacturer identified targeted commodities and opportunities to enhance their ROI by 25%.

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Category Planning Solution Insights

Quantzig’s category planning solutions help firms to understand the customer buying preferences and position their products accordingly. These solutions also help firms identify the KPI’s and effectively allocate the resources to meet the ever-growing business requirements. With the help of category planning, firms can also manage the supply of products across the target segments.

Although the whole grain foods market is proliferating, our analysis of the global food and beverage industry space shows that whole grain foods manufacturers are facing significant challenges in terms of stringent food policies, consumers seeking for substitute foods, and problems faced by processed food manufacturers in acquiring quality standards.

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