Cross Channel Synergies Helps a Consumer Electronics Retailer Operate and Manage Diverse Online Channels

Nov 23, 2017

Consumer Electronics Industry Analysis

Today, the shopping patterns of the customers have witnessed a considerable change, owing to the availability of internet-enabled smart devices. Also, with the rising preference for mobile shopping over traditional modes of shopping, retail firms in the consumer electronics space are looking for promising solutions to enhance their marketing strategy. To create a holistic shopping experience, renowned retail companies in the consumer electronics retailing space are facing the need for cross-channel synergies to operate and manage diverse online channels efficiently. In the consumer electronics retail sector, cross-channel synergies help businesses to increase sales, generate leads, and improve their ROI. Furthermore, leading consumer electronics retailers can facilitate and improve the purchase experience. Leading retail firms can further leverage cross-channel synergies to efficiently create a link between the virtual and in-store experience.

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Business Challenge 

A renowned consumer electronics retailer with many outlets spread across various geographies was facing challenges understanding the customer’s preferences and wanted to better understand the competitors and their product pricing strategies. Furthermore, with the help of cross-channel synergies, the retail sector client wanted to determine their in-store performance and its impact on the company’s overall profit margins. With new innovations disrupting the market,  theretailer wanted to seek ways to identify new opportunities and develop business models to curtail such challenges.

Solution Offered 

The cross-channel synergies solution offered by Quantzig helped the consumer electronics retailer to promote their web-to-store behavior and enhance their multi-channel presence. Moreover, Quantzig’s analytical services assisted the client in enhancing their social media presence and better interacting with their customers. The retailer was also able to offer customized deals to the customers to further improve customer retention and satisfaction levels. With our help, the client was also able to identify new ways to offer products based on customers’ preferences.

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