Auto Dealership Company Leverages Digital Analytics Study to Drive Sales in Emerging Markets

Auto Dealership Company Leverages Digital Analytics Study to Drive Sales in Emerging Markets

Quantzig’s recent study on digital analytics for a global auto dealership company helps them understand user behavior, analyze website traffic, optimize marketing campaigns, and facilitate strategic decision making.

Importance of digital analytics

Digital analytics solutions help organizations to target their potential customers thereby eliminating any geographic or demographic constraints. The automotive industry can leverage actionable insights offered by digital analytics solutions to drive sales, optimize marketing campaigns, and measure the return on investment. With the advent of new technology, automobile manufacturers can rely on advanced applications and services to understand consumer behavior, and devise effective marketing strategies to drive revenue. The automobile manufacturers operate in a niche product segment; thus, to maximize brand visibility, they can leverage digital and web analytics platforms such as search engines. Quantzig’s digital analytics solutions enables the client to analyze the impact of internet and mobile devices on customers buying behavior. Our digital analytics solution helps organizations to identify the appropriate distribution channel and explore the untapped market opportunities for their products.

Uberization Effect in Automotive

The automotive industry is witnessing phenomenal growth which can be attributed to latest trends in the market such as connected cars, shared mobility, etc. Today consumers prefer to use or hire services offered by fleet operators; thereby, creating a shift in the automotive revenue pool. The gradual decrease in privately-owned vehicles and automobile sales is a result of consumers preferring on-demand and data-driven mobility services. Digital analytics enables automobile manufacturers to conduct a market analysis of the automotive industry, identify the trends, and understand consumer behavior and preferences to drive sales and profitability.

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Outcomes and solutions offered

Quantzig’s offered insights and solutions to a global auto dealership company that helped them optimize their marketing strategies and drive sales. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Understand the consumer behavior, analyze website traffic, and bounce rate
  • Optimize marketing campaigns and promotional activities by insights gained from digital analytics studies
  • Facilitate new customer acquisition and retain existing customers, thereby drive revenue and sales
  • Refine target market, launch additional marketing campaigns, and identify the right channel to increase marketing return on investment (ROI)

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The complete case study on Increasing Automobile Sales in Emerging Markets through Digital Analytics is now available.

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