Weekly Round-Up: A Storyboard on the Benefits of Salesforce Analytics

Feb 26, 2019

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LONDON: Quantzig, a leading analytics services provider, has announced the release of their latest storyboard on the benefits of salesforce analytics and how it can help businesses identify new opportunities for revenue generation and cost reduction.

Salesforce analytics solutions with data integration and transformation tools, data modeling and data analysis techniques can help companies reduce operational costs and enhance customer service processes thereby improving sales efficiencies and revenue margins.

Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solutions have helped more than 55 Fortune 500 companies to make data-driven decisions and improve their sales strategies. Below, we have summarized some of Quantzig’s recent success stories for this week and have also highlighted ways in which salesforce analytics solutions have helped companies to effectively streamline sales data and understand their sales performance and improve ROI.

Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solutions are designed to address challenges faced by sales teams across industries, helping them deliver outstanding performance. Got any questions? Contact us, we’ll put you on the right path.

#1: Salesforce analytics solutions enhanced sales and customer-centricity significantly: Reducing operational costs and improving customer service processes are two challenging tasks for any business. Are you facing the same issue? Salesforce analytics can be the answer to your problem as it answered a similar problem faced by one of Quantzig’s clients. The client approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering analytics solutions and improved their data management approach to facilitate quick access to all the sales data they needed.

#2: Salesforce analytics solutions improved profit margins by 5x: Most businesses find it challenging to enhance their sales and channel management strategies. Do you fall into the same category? No need to worry if you have proper salesforce analytics solutions in place. Salesforce analytics can help companies to develop salesforce reports which can act as a perfect guide to boost sales, improve per capita sales volume, and reduce costs with a long-term goal of triplicating the distributor’s profitability.

#3: Salesforce analytics solutions boosted ROI from 1% to 3.5%: This success story is a classic example of how Quantzig’s sales force analytics solutions helped a client to visualize their ROI robustly through a map view at various levels. Also, Salesforce analytics offered them actionable insights into their current and past ROI to estimate their future profit. This further helped them to track their revenue closely across different levels and realized an increase in ROI from 1% to 3.5%.

#4: How to sharpen your sales force effectiveness through salesforce analytics solutions? Are you wondering what are the factors that make sales force effectiveness successful? Salesforce analytics can help you do so by targeting specific strategy areas to augment – conducting honest program evaluations, developing specific improvement programs, and tracking progress regularly through real-time Salesforce dashboard.

#5: Salesforce analytics solutions revamped sales performance and sales force management: Improving communication with customers, understanding their needs and delivering the same on time are crucial factors for the success of any business. Salesforce analytics has the potential to reshape your business module into a more customer-centric business strategy. Furthermore, this can help in uncovering new and better opportunities in the competitive market thereby improving the sales performance and profit margin.

#6: Salesforce analytics solutions redesigned the sales forecast model thereby improving the decision-making process: Optimizing business expansion and purchase plans are premium goals of all businesses. Salesforce analytics is the secret sauce here. It can help companies build sales forecast model to manage a variety of business functions including demand and supply discrepancies. Additionally, this model has the potential to predict actual sales with maximum accuracy. 

#7: Salesforce analytics solutions maximized revenue potential and restored brand loyalty: Do you really think building predictive models to assess customer attrition levels is a hard nut to crack? If yes, then you must go through our latest success story that reveals how Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solutions improved a client’s business functions by building predictive models and shortened the time-to-market for the services rendered. Furthermore, a salesforce dashboard is very helpful in effectively profiling profitable customers and their requirements. This, in turn, can improve brand loyalty and revenue potential of the business.

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#8: Salesforce analytics solutions curtailed additional costs and facilitated better sales forecast management: Is additional cost hindering your business growth? If yes, then you must be going wrong somewhere in understanding your sales force’s performance and assessing the additional time taken by them as it is important for any business to attain success. This is evident in Quantzig’s latest success story, where leveraging salesforce analytics solutions helped the client to improve the performance of the current sales team and identify the potential opportunities and allocate resources wisely.

#9: How can salesforce analytics help you improve sales and get the most of your salesforce? While many organizations today are using analytics to understand their customers better, they are often ignoring other areas that could benefit from a similar investigation. It is crucial to assess what tactics the salesforce is using, and examine factors such as deals, messaging, and other forms of customer interaction. Analytics helps in taking a detailed look at this data and makes it possible to predict what strategic approaches will be successful and under what circumstances.

#10: Leveraging Salesforce dashboard to gain a panoramic view of customer demands across various segments: Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solutions proved very beneficial for one of the healthcare services provider in identifying the performance indicators and key metrics of organizational growth. The effective salesforce dashboard created by the analytics experts at Quantzig enhanced the visibility of real-time data; thereby, improving speed and agility that is needed to refine business functions and boost results.

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