Evaluating Consumer Behavior Patterns for Telecom and Media Industry Through Customer Analytics

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Evaluating Consumer Behavior Patterns for Telecom and Media Industry Through Customer Analytics

Quantzig’s latest study on customer analytics for a leading media and telecom company in the US assures over 26% increase in the churn probability.

Emerging trends in the telecom and media industry

The primary focus of different companies in the telecom and media industry is to offer personalized service and offer innovative products to increase consumer satisfaction. The service providers are aiming to integrate cognitive technologies and mobile applications to evolve the consumers daily professional and personal activities. Digitalization and virtualization efforts across the telecom and media industry are prompting vendors to create stronger networks and offer superior services to consumers. By developing innovative business models and precise marketing, companies are aiming to increase the overall consumer experience and sales revenues.

The consumer behavior analytics by Quantzig delivers cumulative value to many companies in the telecom and media industries based on insights from their online purchases, consumption (STB, VOD, IPTV), and social media data. The team of analytics experts recommends customized offers and determines their viewership and device inclinations to ensure that they improve their services and performance based on the research data. The companies are focusing on developing and implementing business strategies that are pertinent to the consumer preferences by offering distinctive services and experiences that align with the business goals. Building a strong consumer relationship by leveraging connectivity and technology will benefit both the consumer and business. Organizations are focusing on digital marketing tools and upgrading network services to cater to a larger consumer base.

Emergence of smart network management

The introduction of data analytics such as Big Data for network monitoring and decision making will help vendors to offer better services to end-users. Data analytics are used to monitor and analyze information from communication services usage patterns, call logs, and guaranteed service levels for future decision making. These services are designed to provide situational awareness and business intelligence on consumers’ networks and help prioritize critical response actions for emergency situations. Big data further helps in optimizing operational activities and reduces network maintenance and upgrade costs.

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Location-based and personalized advertising

The emergence of geo-facing and location-based advertising is gaining immense popularity across all service industries. By developing personalized advertising through messages on mobile devices to location-specific consumers, companies are increasing the interactions with end-users and providing better services. Organizations are improving consumer experiences by using various tools such as wireless technology, geo-fencing, radio frequency identification (RFID) and cross-channel attribution. Moreover, these tools also allow market testing, enabling companies to gauge consumer requirements and preferences.

Outcomes and solutions offered

Quantzig’s latest customer analytics assessment for a leading media and telecom company in the US helps improve customer acquisition numbers based on an ideal combination of product features for different end-user segments. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Performed a deep dive analysis of product data, sales data, category data, customer viewership data, pricing data, and data from social media metrics
  • Identified drivers of consumption and content preferences to tailor recommendations and advertisements
  • Delivered a thorough picture of online and offline user interactions based on demographic and usage behavior to reduce customer call center volumes
  • Calculated the customer stickiness of programs based on RFM analysis across devices
  • Considered efforts and defined KPIs in terms of revenues, service connections, customer issues, and first call resolutions

The complete case study on customer analytics assessment improves client acquisition for a leading media & telecom company is now available.


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