Leveraging Web Analytics Solution to Increase Traffic and Improve ROI

Leveraging Web Analytics Solution to Increase Traffic and Improve ROI

Quantzig’s recent study on web analytics solution helped a global retail conglomerate understand the consumer behavior, web traffic, website page bounce rate, and optimize marketing campaigns for their specific products.

Web analytics in retail

Retail is one of the most dynamic industries as compared to its counterparts owing to the ever changing market and consumer trends. Retailers are pushing for an Omni-channel presence across mediums such as website, mobile applications, chat, email, forums, and physical stores; thereby, making web analytics essential to effectively target customers and drive profitability. Today, customers research about the product or service and evaluate the alternatives before making a purchase. This clearly indicates the impact of online and mobile channels on the buyers’ shopping pattern. Retailers can effectively optimize their operations by gaining an in-depth understanding of their customers through web analytics and streamline processes, maximize margins and increase ROIs. Quantzig offers actionable insights to businesses via its web analytics solution to help them understand the visitor behavior, source of visit, page views, and counts.

Companies face several challenges in leveraging web analytics on their e-commerce site and related web properties. Web analytics helps clients to identify newer web applications and digital avenues to improve sales performance to meet their potential sales targets and fulfil business objectives. Besides driving sales and identifying profitable channels, web analytics helps organizations deploy conversion driven analytics to drive traffic, targeting advertisements to the right customer market, thus enhancing the ROI.

Personalized customer experience

By leveraging predictive analytics solutions, retailers are offering personalization to customers in terms of products and services and customer experience. Personalization goes beyond knowing your customers or sending our personalized email newsletters to your clients. Web analytics enables retailer to target consumers by displaying tailored content based on their preferences and browsing history, and leveraging location based technology such as sensors and beacons to send personalized updates and notifications to their devices and smartphones.

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Outcomes and solutions offered

With hands-on expertise in offering web analytics solutions, Quantzig provided actionable insights that helped a leading retail company to optimize operations, better understand their customers, and maximize margins. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Identify key geographic locations in terms of regions or countries, and target these areas by creating geographic specific advertising campaigns
  • Web analytics helped the client to reduce operational costs and improve its ROI
  • Promote products and services by analyzing customer browsing history and preferences
  • Identify the web traffic, customer actions, decrease web page bounce rates, drive sales and profitability

The complete case study on Quantzig’s Web Analytics Solution Helps a Leading Retailer Chain Improve its ROI is now available.


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