Supply Chain Visibility Engagement – 20% Reduction in Replenishment Cycle

May 28, 2017

Quantzig’s recent study on supply chain visibility and cost to serve analysis for a leading manufacturer and retailer in the US guarantees 27% reduction in unfulfilled orders.

Controlling Cost-to-Serve Matrix

Companies are formulating new strategies by leveraging supply chain visibility with cost-to-serve analysis. Gaining insights on supply chain visibility and understanding the cost to serve matrix will help companies manage their suppliers, manufacturing partners, and logistics efficiently. These new strategies address various business challenges and deliver solutions that evaluate cost-service transactions and ensures that customer demands are addressed in a profitable manner. Designing a profitable supply chain matrix requires suppliers to understand the demand and consumer relationship, distribution channels, and category management. Quantzig offers business intelligence solutions that cater to all the specific requirements of the client. The team provides data analytics services that help organizations gain a better perceptibility of the supply chain processes and enhance operational efficacy across the supply chain.

Organizations in the global market are adopting predictive analysis to obtain information to optimize the decision-making process and increase efficacy in the supply chain. The analysis uses data collected from various sources to understand the consumer preferences, product performance, and production capacity. Businesses are using this data to make real-time changes in their service delivery models and optimize inventory levels. Predictive analysis is the most competent tool for forecasting and planning business operations and growth potentials.

To learn how supply chain visibility and cost-to-serve analytics can help your business grow, and tackle supply chain challenges, speak with our analytics experts.

Increasing Focus on Demand-Supply Management

Through demand-supply management, suppliers tackle complexities associated with identifying, measuring, and managing returns in the supply chain. Focusing on traceability and sustainability during product design will help manufacturers enhance supply chain visibility. Moreover, opting for proper logistics and distribution channels will improve demand management decisions, inventory management, and reduce product returns.

Digitalizing the Supply Chain

Increasing connectivity by designing and building a digital supply network (DSN) is the next big thing in the global retail market. Many businesses are implementing e-procurement, e-sourcing, online inventory and logistics systems, and software solutions like Big Data to scale the supply chain network. DSN re-vamps the supply chain by managing suppliers, materials, and distribution seamlessly. Moreover, this new network will help companies to expand to new markets and launch innovative product offerings quicker.

Outcomes and Solutions Offered

Quantzig’s expert team with significant experience in supply chain visibility engagements helps a leading retailer in the US to overcome challenges due to its limited analytics capabilities and inability to manage the complexity and scalability of information. Some of the solutions are listed below:

  • Provide a coherent and multi-site view of the transactional data about products and material flow across multiple sites and assures forecast accuracy of around 85%
  • Access information related to orders, invoices, forecasts, and product backlog
  • Offer real-time dashboard using Tableau resulting in 20% reduction in the replenishment cycle
  • Near real-time tracking and update of data based on supply chain monitoring and demand fluctuations
  • Offer demand-supply management insights through supply chain visibility engagement and forecast the demand from each territory and for each product
  • Provide information on product and account-wise performance for each region based on the generated revenue and the sales history

The complete case study on supply chain visibility and cost to serve analysis for a leading manufacturer and retailer is now available.

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