Global Pet Food Manufacturer Leverages Digital Analytics to Drive Online Sales

Global Pet Food Manufacturer Leverages Digital Analytics to Drive Online Sales

Quantzig’s recent study on digital analytics for a global pet food manufacturer helps them to build consumer loyalty and enhance their online sales performance.

Digital Analytics in Pet Food Manufacturing

Today, the consumer buying patterns and shopping preferences have undergone a radical shift. Shopping is no longer an activity that entails physical presence in traditional brick and mortar stores, but has become as simple as having an advanced online shopping experience at your fingertips. The customers require a smart phone or a mobile device and internet connectivity, thereby making the shopping experience seamless and convenient for everyone.  Digital analytics solutions help organizations to reach out to their target market and customers without facing any geographic or demographic constraints. Digital analytics offers actionable insights that drive sales, enables better targeting and optimization of marketing campaigns and promotional activities, and measure the return on investment on the overall marketing spend. Quantzig’s digital analytics solutions enables the client to analyze the impact of the internet and mobile devices on customers buying behavior. Our digital analytics solution helps organizations to identify the appropriate distribution channel and explore the untapped market opportunities for their products.

In pet food manufacturing, digital analytics provides insights that understand and transform the relationship between the customers and brands at every step in the supply chain. Digital analytics solutions help organizations to create a sustainable supply chain and gain a competitive edge over the other players in the market. The insights gained from digital analytics enables businesses to understand, compare and measure the store sales with the online sales. The client can build a long term relationship with the customers and expand their loyal consumer base, thereby produce high quality foods.

Multi- channel attribution

Consumers access online shopping sites from a plethora of devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, and desktop. The customer decides the platform and device based on their own convenience, location, and state of mind. Social media plays a pivotal part in the customer experience journey as it drives brand awareness and facilitates information search. A customer might look up information from their mobile device and make the actual purchase from their desktop. Thus, owing to the multitude of touchpoints that drive leads and conversions, multi-channel attribution helps sales and marketing function to determine the platform-channel combination that drives profitability.

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 Outcomes and solutions offered

With hands-on expertise in digital analytics, Quantzig provided objective elucidations that resolved the issues pertaining to the changing consumer demographics and helped a global pet food manufacturer to drive online sales. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Insights on overall brand value and sales performance in the market
  • Identify events, develop a personalized communication for pet owners, and create an adaptive mobile platform for users
  • Create personalized offers based on usage and pet categories, enhance and monitor brand communication to drive online sales
  • Minimize overall costs, reduce order delivery durations, thereby improve customer experience

The complete case study on digital analytics solution helps a pet food manufacturer boost online sales is now available.

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