Weekly Round-Up: A Storyboard on The Benefits of Big Data Solutions

Feb 19, 2019

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Data and Analytics

LONDON: Quantzig, a leading analytics services provider, has announced the release of their latest storyboard on the benefits of big data solutions and how it can help businesses derive actionable insights from huge and complex data sets.  With the availability of an enormous volume of data, it has become a daunting task for businesses to quickly identify, fairly evaluate, and continuously drive market excellence.

By leveraging big data solutions, companies can improve decision making and gain the ability to direct, optimize, and automate decisions, on demand, to achieve desired business goals. By applying big data technologies, businesses can make informed business decisions, while ensuring information privacy and security.

Quantzig’s analytics solutions have helped more than 55 Fortune 500 companies to make data-driven decisions and augment growth. Below, we have rounded up some of Quantzig’s recent success stories for this week and have also highlighted ways in which big data solutions have helped companies to drive business growth by delivering data integration and data management.

Are you finding it difficult to curate, process, and analyze the huge data sets available? Get in touch with our experts to check out how our big data solutions can help you.

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#1: Identified and combated fraudulent activities by leveraging big data solutions: The unexpected surge in datasets, though a game changer, has become a major roadblock for many big players. Are you facing the same problem? Don’t worry, our big data solutions can help you just like how it helped one of our clients facing the same issue. By leveraging big data solutions, companies can capture massive datasets prudently and can analyze them to derive actionable insights. Also, big data solutions can help companies to develop a robust big data management system and can prevent fraudulent activities, which in turn, can lead to the growth of ROI.

How Quantzig’s Big Data Analytics Services Help Combat Fraud in the Telecom Sector

#2: How are big data solutions revolutionizing supply chain efficiency? Are you tired of supply chain waste and inefficiency? No more, as big data solutions are here to help you out. Big data technologies have the potential to help companies gain better insights into the ability to track and monitor supply chain activities in real time. Also, big data applications can help in analyzing market trends and suggest optimum inventory levels at various locations. Furthermore, big data analytics has made the collection, tracking, and timely delivery all possible through data.

5 Ways Big Data and Analytics is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

#3: Big data solutions improved decision making and offered actionable insights into day to day business activities: Adapting to evolving consumer expectations and increasing demand for transparency is one of the biggest challenges businesses facing today. Don’t you agree? This is where big data solutions come to rescue. By using big data applications, companies can sharpen their analytic skills and familiarize themselves with the complexities associated with the distribution networks and massive volume of structured and unstructured data. Big data analytics can be linked directly to the decision-making process to deliver the value for improved business performance.

How a Food Industry Player Benefitted from Infusing Big Data Insights into their Decision Making Process

#4: What are the common mistakes businesses must avoid while developing a big data management strategy? A proper, rigid, and reliable analysis enables you to make fact-based and rational decisions, but if mistaken, big data analytics can lead you astray and you might end up suffering a huge loss. So, you must avoid making some common mistakes such as going too rigid in processes and products, relying on the same KPIs always and many more. Therefore, data scientists need to utilize big data solutions properly as these solutions act as a pair of glasses that helps them see the actual reality of a business’ performance.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Big Data Analytics

#5: Big data solutions enhanced the performance of business campaigns: Do you really think tracking demographics and consumption patterns of the end-users is a difficult task? If yes, then you must go through our latest success story where Quantzig’s big data solutions simplified huge volume of campaign data and translated the extracted data into intuitive reports and real-time dashboards that quickly conveyed the status of the ongoing campaigns. Furthermore, this improved the client’s business outcome and customer satisfaction.

Improving Campaign Performance with the Help of Big Data Analytics – A Case Study on the Media Industry

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[spacer height=”20px”]For more than 15 years, we have assisted our clients across the globe with end-to-end data modeling capabilities to leverage analytics for prudent decision making. Our analytics solutions can empower your business and real-time decision making. Request a free proposal now!


#6: Big data solutions increased periodical margins and visibility into manufacturing data: Understanding the best performing products, product families and geographic regions is not an easy task for businesses. But big data solutions can help in dealing with such issues efficiently. This is clearly evident in our latest success story where the client was facing the same challenge and approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in providing big data services. Quantzig’s big data solutions offered unparalleled visibility into manufacturing data which in turn improved periodical margins significantly.

Big Data Analytics Helped a Leading Car Battery Manufacturer Blend Inventory and Order Backlog Data Sets to Increase Periodical Margins

#7: What are the top big data use cases for modern businesses to zoom ahead? Organizations today have access to huge volumes of datasets, but it wouldn’t help them unless they decipher the method to draw insights from them. . Analyzing the benefits of big data is not as simple as putting all the data in a single place. Therefore, organizations should essentially take time to identify and crystallize the true benefits of big data for their business such as the use of big data for personalization of services, detecting fraud, log analytics and much more.

4 Huge Big Data Use Cases for Modern Businesses to Zoom Ahead

#8: Big data solutions helped to identify and explore the new area of investments: Are you facing difficulty in identifying new areas of investments for your business? If yes, then you must be going wrong somewhere in analyzing the unstructured data and curtailing wastage of your resources. Quantzig solved one of its client’s similar issue by offering its big data solutions that proved beneficial in effectively analyzing the unstructured data and uncovering the lucrative areas of investment in the marketplace. Furthermore, this paved the way for establishing optimal utilization management (UM) process.

Big Data Analytics Helps a Leading Health Insurance Company Establish an Optimal UM Process and Identify New Investment Areas

#9: Big data solutions boosted customer satisfaction, retention rate, and reduced churn rates: Customer satisfaction and their loyalty can be a cause of concern for businesses, but you need not to fear if you have proper big data solutions in place. A leading probiotics food manufacturer was dealing with the same issue but experienced a great change in their overall customer experience by leveraging Quantzig’s big data services.  These solutions helped them to anticipate the future behavior of their customers and segment them accordingly in order of their importance. Additionally, it assisted in offering personalized product and services to the customers, which further aided them to efficiently calculate risks.

Big Data Analytics for a Leading Probiotic Food Manufacturer: A Quantzig Case Study

#10: Why big data solutions have become a pre-requisite for every business? Today technology has made data one of the most crucial assets for companies. It is one of the important keys that can improve the competitive advantage of one business significantly. In fact, if you are searching for ways to empower the productivity of your business, then maximizing the amount of data being analyzed is one of the most important success strategies.  Therefore, it has become a prerequisite for businesses to leverage big data solutions in order to meet customer expectations and effectively manage the influx of data.

Top 3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Big Data Analytics Strategy

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