Big Data Analytics

By providing efficient big data analytics services, we help clients derive actionable insights from large and complex data sets

How our big data analytics services help clients

At present, most organizations have to deal with enormous volumes of data, gathered across a multitude of channels. Therefore, businesses are on the lookout for novel technologies that will help them curate, process, and analyze these huge data sets.

Quantzig’s big data analytics solutions provide clients with the right big data tools, technologies, capabilities, and frameworks to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data to help companies make informed business decisions, while ensuring information privacy and security.

Our big data management and data analytics services offer the best combination of analysts and consultants who complement our clients with a shared need to discover and build those capabilities, and drive continuous market excellence.

Key benefits we provide

Additional revenue
Reduction in maintenance cost
More cross-sell up-sell opportunities
Savings in analytics operations
Improvement in compliance

What do we offer?

We at Quantzig provide industry-leading data governance practices to help our clients manage storage and integration of big data. We deliver best-in-class frameworks for multi-dimensional data aggregation and use visualization-based data discovery tools for insight generation.

Solutions we provide

Big Data
Integration & Insights
Executive Dashboards
& Cockpits
KPI Visualization &
Master Data
Management &
Metadata Repository
Multidimensional Data
Real-time Reporting
& Intuitive Data

Online retail stores and e-commerce websites receive heavy traffic on a daily basis and the sheer volume of continuous data makes it extremely difficult to analyze website statistics and track visitors, potential customers, and prospective buyers. Our data analytics services help clients manage large volumes of data and set up analytical frameworks to derive real-time insights that facilitate more informed decisions.

Solutions we provide

Better Management
of E-commerce
In-memory Analytics
Interactive Clickstream
Internet of Things
Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Visualization
of Traffic &

Technological advancements have helped organizations adopt high-tech sensors to monitor their business operations and track machinery and shipments.

By offering big data services, we at Quantzig help clients manage the high volumes of data generated by these sensors to generate predictive insights that facilitate proactive business decisions and pre-emptive planning.

Solutions we provide

Better Reach
of Healthcare &
Effective Fleet
Effective Product
Predictive Maintenance
& Reduced Cost
of Failures
Flagging for Better
Safety Compliance
Targeted Insurance
Premiums by
Usage-based Insurance

Introduction to our big data analytics case studies

business analytics

Big data based cross-sell analytics improves sales offer acceptance by 25% for banking client

Business Challenge: A leading bank in the US wanted us to utilize big data for conducting customer offers and cross-sell analysis to increase offer acceptance.

Situation: The client was utilizing CRM (traditional) data for creating offers and cross-sell methodologies for customers. The acceptance rate of these offers was very low and cross-sell success rate had reduced as well. The client was looking for a solution to improve the situation.

Impact: With our data analytics services, the client was able to achieve improved cross-selling and greater product penetration. Based on this, the client was able to increase revenue through 25% higher offer acceptance rates, reduced campaign and operations costs as well as improve customer profitability, satisfaction and retention.

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Sensor data analytics facilitates better vehicle management for transport service provider

Business Challenge: A leading transport service provider wanted to analyze the sensor data from its assets for effective planning for potential repairs for its vehicles.

Situation: The client wanted to proactively plan for the potential repairs and also manage cost of repairs under contractual agreements. To accomplish this, the client was looking for partners who could efficiently make sense of the sensor data collected from its assets, and utilize them to provide recommendations.

Impact: Client gained insights on top reasons for vehicle failure, improved capacity planning and delivery expectations, reduced potential contract penalties and related cost. The client also improved customer satisfaction by fulfilling contractual agreements.

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