Data Integration

Build analytics capabilities that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure to ingest, prepare, and analyze unstructured data.

Pockets of data often buried in enterprise silos go unexplored due to the complexities associated with integrating and analyzing large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Big data analytics is a technology that can fully deliver on sky-high promises—but only if the data is integrated and interpreted correctly. Today, leading companies adopt advanced big data integration and visualization techniques to fully realize the benefits of reduced CapEx and OpEx. Quantzig, with its advanced big data integration and visualization solutions, can help you structure and manage organizational data by lowering the overall cost of operations while increasing data governance and reducing data management complexities.

Today organizations have to sift through troves of unstructured, siloed data sets to gain greater visibility into their operations, customer needs, market trends, competitor strategies, and compliance to create actionable insights on time to stay relevant. Our big data integration and visualization solutions empower businesses to break down silos and optimize data sets to drive profitability by eliminating cumbersome manual tasks of integrating information and modifying data.

Core Capabilities

Executive Dashboards

Identifying new opportunities for driving improvements in time to insight is a critical objective for enhancing the visualization, data discovery, and analytics capabilities of an organization, no matter which of these three main data visualization activities is the primary focus area. Executive dashboards today must present a more balanced view of business processes. Our big data integration dashboards not only provide more balanced visualizations, but they’re more intuitive and interactive, and just as importantly, they help envision business outcomes in real-time. Learn how Quantzig is helping businesses worldwide decipher massive amounts of data and make fact-based decisions in real time.

Master Data Management

An essential component of an end-to-end master data management system is the ability to manage master data repositories, whether in-cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments. Master data management is one such approach that offers a quick and straightforward way to find, prepare, cleanse, enrich, govern, and preserve enterprise data.

Quantzig works with clients to provide guidance and assistance across the entire MDM journey starting from strategy through execution to managed operations. We differentiate ourselves by delivering big data integration and visualization solutions customized to meet our clientele’s unique needs.

Data Aggregation

One of the biggest challenges that modern businesses face when it comes to big data is successfully integrating multiple data pools to support informed and strategic business decisions. Multidimensional data aggregation tools help combine data from various sources, offering a unified view and empowering the discovery of new relationships and patterns, ideally without losing track of the data source and its lineage.

Quantzig provides a comprehensive framework of big data integration technologies and processes that help enterprises create a central consolidated repository of reliable master data to improve and maintain data quality.

Real Time Reporting

Dynamic highs and lows in the market require businesses to be on their toes and formulate agile strategies. Companies must rely on real-time data and analytics reporting tools that enable smart and quick decision-making.  

Quantzig, through its big data integration and visualization solutions, enables organizations to adopt an outcome-based business model by leveraging analytics dashboards for reporting and analyzing business performance. Analytics dashboards provide a graphical view of performance trends and real-time results, allowing business leaders to make quick, informed decisions by tracking and analyzing KPIs that directly impact business performance.

Data Quality Management

The quality and outcomes of a business decision strongly depend on the quality of data. As the amount of data collected and stored by organizations today is skyrocketing, ensuring and managing data quality becomes pivotal.

Data quality management entails processes that revolve around establishing and deploying new responsibilities, policies, and procedures concerning the acquisition, maintenance, and dissemination of organizational data. Our big data integration solutions are designed to help you enhance your data sets’ quality, reduce errors, and avoid additional costs associated with data management.

Data Visualization

Big and small businesses are leveraging data visualization tools to decode massive amounts of data to grasp data better and engage in informed decision-making. Data visualization tools and technologies can process big data into graphical representations that provide a platform to analyze trends, outliers, and data patterns.

As visual communication of data becomes the new norm across modern organizations, Qunatzig’s data visualization tools enable clients to develop dashboards that assist in decision-making by encapsulating large volumes of data in intuitive graphical storyboards. Our experts also help create visualizations that collate and display sizeable information in simple and accessible formats.

With visualization-based data discovery tools, businesses can substitute batch processing with real-time processing of continually updated data stream. Big data integration and visualization tools provide an immense opportunity that not only helps manage the deluge of data sets but also to turn that data into valuable insights.

Quantzig’s portfolio of advanced big data analytics solutions support real-time analysis of heterogenous data, creation of dynamic, interactive presentations and detailed reports, and development of intelligent, actionable insights to transform decision-making.

Gather relevant data from different sources, unify the different data sets to a single data format, and analyze it to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and relationships with us and develop intelligent, actionable insights.

Request a free proposal to gain a unified view of your data and obtain insights that transform your decision-making process.

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