Clickstream Analysis

Optimize marketing spend and identify new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities using clickstream data.

Due to increased digitization, marketers have enormous amounts of customer data at their disposal. But how can they harness the value of this information to maximize profits and revenue growth? Clickstream analysis is the solution.

Quantzig’s comprehensive suite of advanced clickstream analytics solutions is designed to provide a single, uniform view of visits, conversions, and customer engagement rates. It also enables businesses to combine information from disparate sources, understand the underlying concepts and ideas, and act on the information in near real-time.

Core Capabilities

Digital data analytics

Gauging and analyzing the context behind customer behavior is vital to personalize and enhance the customer experience. However, the online customer journey is increasingly complex, with numerous touchpoints and channels that influence the ultimate decision-making process. Marketers and business leaders alike must leverage relevant data from these touchpoints to capitalize on potential conversion opportunities and ensure long-term customer loyalty to their brand.

 Quantzig’s team of analysts possess deep insights across implementation, data transformation and management, cross-channel attribution, reporting, and optimization. We help clients define strategic business goals and develop policies through a holistic view of the customer journey and enhance the decision-making process accordingly.

In-memory Analytics

Quantzig’s in-memory analytics aims to place high-impact insights based on data at your fingertips. Our proven advanced analytics capabilities are designed to process large volumes of data to deliver deeper insights with speed and precision so that you can act quickly to outmaneuver the competition.

We also empower clients to stay updated and understand essential paradigm shifts in how global businesses leverage data to tackle a host of business challenges.

Real-Time Monitoring

Are you thinking ahead of the competition to stay relevant in the market? Most businesses are unsure how to gain an edge in the market and outsmart competition with nimble strategies. Not having access to the right data at the right time is a major roadblock. Also, any discrepancies and delays in examining data could cause a significant ripple effect across departments and impact the entire business.

Leverage Quantzig’s real-time data monitoring and clickstream analytics solutions to observe user activity and determine the impact of your critical business strategies without having to sift through complex reports. Act on insights about shifts in the market with agility to gain a first-mover advantage using real-time data monitoring solutions from our team of experienced analysts.

Traffic Analysis

Website traffic analysis is a rich data source. We help clients gain comprehensive insights on their customers’ behavior as they leave behind a digital footprint across all touchpoints. However, the challenge lies in ingesting and transforming the traffic data in an optimal timeframe to track KPI’s and utilize key metrics for further analysis.

Gain unprecedented insights into real-time traffic and use these insights to power recommendations and personalization algorithms for retargeting with Quantzig’s real-time visualization and traffic analysis solutions.  

Customer Journey Mapping

Abundant data on customer behavior throughout different touchpoints in their buying journey is readily available. What businesses need is a data-driven approach to discovering, analyzing, and influencing their customers’ journeys to achieve the desired results. We help map customer journeys to dispel silos, streamline services, and offer tailored services to meet your customers’ most critical needs.

Our customer journey mapping solutions are proven to help clients manage and measure cross-channel journeys over time and enhance customer experiences. By analyzing millions of data points in real time, our team of analysts assist in pinpointing underlying sources of friction, reveal the root cause of the behavior that positively or negatively impacts your customers’ experiences, and orchestrate actions to optimize CX to increase revenues and reduce customer churn.

Multi-channel businesses have access to comprehensive insights on their customers’ behavior as they leave behind a digital footprint across all the touchpoints. Clickstream data logs are composed of valuable information on add-to-carts, checkouts, and even bounce rates at every point in the customer’s journey. The challenge, however, lies in ingesting and transforming the clickstream data in an optimal timeframe to track KPI’s and utilize key metrics for further analysis. Our clickstream analytics solutions help reduce the development cycle for ETL on clickstream data and enable businesses to track KPIs and gain insights into customer buying behavior.

Request a free proposal to make use of our advanced digital analytics solutions and analyze the digital footprint of your visitors across platforms to constantly improve your offerings and customer experience, enhance customer loyalty, and drive sales and profits.

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