Sensor Data Analytics

Extract actionable insights from embedded sensors to drive organizational improvements and profitability.

With the growing popularity of IoT based applications, industries are awash in petabytes of digital information from an increasing array of embedded sensors used in electronic devices. Sensor networks help capture information for analyzing different physical parameters. Organizations are looking at leveraging sensor data analytics to incorporate sensor data insights into enterprise decision making efficiently. However, the associated complexities, format interoperability issues, lack of a consistent view, and analytics capabilities make it challenging to analyze sensor data and extract useable information in a timely, coordinated manner.

Disparate and deployed industrial assets and connected devices can provide the enterprise with a unique touchpoint to real-world operations and conditions. Our sensor data analytics solutions can help businesses to leverage cognitive technologies to collect, analyze and visualize real-time and historical machine data from disparate sources such as- operational technology, connected devices, and products, enabling you to improve operations, ensure compliance, perform predictive maintenance and better manage the uptime and availability of industrial assets.

Core Capabilities

Better Reach of Healthcare and Personalized Treatments

Healthcare providers and physicians can proactively monitor patient well-being through sensor technology, wearable computing, and IoT. But significant data collection, fusion, and medical data processing and analysis require advanced solutions to monitor and diagnose patients at the right time, especially in chronic diseases.  

With our sensor data analytics solutions, you can gain real-time insights from sensors embedded in wearable healthcare devices and continuously monitor and track patient journeys to spearhead next-gen healthcare initiatives and identify areas for improvements.

Fleet Management

Fleet management is essential to address some of the most pressing challenges in achieving your fleet operation goals. Using relevant data, businesses can improve various aspects of fleet operations, including procurement, operating and maintenance costs, workshop productivity, inventory costs, fuel costs, and driver safety.

Make most sensor technology by leveraging sensor data analytics to gain in-depth insights into fleet management, develop more efficient maintenance plans, cut truck downtime, and plan fleet replacements with greater accuracy.

Effective Product Monitoring

Product leaders, designers, and developers must monitor and understand how users engage with what they build. By integrating data into a single organized view, businesses can track users’ digital footprints step-by-step to analyze factors affecting engagement, return visitors, or churn. 

With sensor data analytics, companies can monitor and track the performance of their product offerings in real-time and offer personalized services to meet the needs of their customers. Quantzig’s hyper-detailed data analytics ensures precision and accuracy, enabling clients to make profitable decisions.

Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturers must move from reactive to proactive maintenance to thrive, and predictive maintenance is the key to achieving this. Predictive analytics allows manufacturers to enhance business resiliency, anticipate the risk of failure on electrical assets, reduce downtime by discerning issues, and perform maintenance only when needed based on data. This also allows staying ahead of roadblocks like unexpected equipment downtime or performance inefficiencies.

We help clients gain real-time insight into asset deployment, utilization, and resource consumption with sensor data analytics. And recognize patterns and trends by analyzing operational data to proactively address long-term industrial asset management, maintenance, and performance issues.

Real-time Flagging for Better Safety Compliance

We help clients gauge how sensor data analytics can meet compliance reporting requirements by preserving mission-critical assets and industrial systems against cybersecurity threats.

Sensor data analytics also enables organizations to gain visibility into system performance and set points that could put machines or people at risk.

Targeted Insurance Premiums by Usage-based Insurance

The increased adoption of telematics and connected cars are stimulating the growth of usage-based insurance. Quantzig’s advanced sensor data analytics solutions are designed to identify different user segments and stipulate ideal targeted insurance premiums based on each segment’s usage.

We also enable clients to understand the cause of a devices’ failure to improve efficiency and availability and identify outliers and issues in device production or deployment through our sensor data analytics solutions.

IoT Analytics

IoT or sensor data analytics acts as a gateway to device operations and provides a platform for interaction with remote devices, enabling device connectivity and remote device management. As a market leader in offering analytics solutions, Quantzig empowers clients to build and sustain true value from diverse IoT data and initiatives. Partner with us to learn how we enable businesses to leverage transformative IoT and AI solutions that drive real business value. 

Sensor data analytics has its applications across a multitude of industries. Quantzig’s cutting-edge sensor data analytics solutions help organizations in monitoring and predictive maintenance of assets, enabling organizations to minimize unexpected device downtime, lower maintenance costs, and extend equipment lifecycle, optimizing yield and quality of the output, and enable better product design. This, in turn, minimizes the huge expenses that go towards defective assets and products and enables organizations to enjoy better quality assurance.

The main challenge for businesses today is to be able to filter through the noise of high volume, fast-moving big data from sensor networks to gain actionable business insights.

Request a free proposal to learn how big data analytics solutions can help you analyze massive amounts of sensor data obtained from different devices and transform your processes.

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