Business Intelligence and Reporting

Combine data mining, reporting, data visualization, benchmarking and performance management, and advanced business analytics to turn data into actionable business insights that aid in crucial decision-making, streamlining and optimizing business processes, and more.

The competitive environment of industries worldwide has led to an increasing need for data-driven, well-informed, and innovative strategies. Business intelligence is the process of combining business analytics, data visualization, data management, and data mining to enable the ideal strategic maneuvers for businesses. Reporting is the process of efficiently organizing data, and analytics enables the extraction of beneficial insights and improves performance substantially.

The increasing prevalence of data analytics and rising dependency on digital operations has further influenced business intelligence and reporting analytics. Quantzig’s team of business intelligence experts enables companies to organize, analyze, and understand the various facets of business intelligence and make the much-needed strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Core Capabilities

Reporting and Data Visualization

As competition grows across industries and businesses are faced with the need for constant improvement, adaptation, and expansion, analytics and reporting have become a crucial capability. Business intelligence and KPI reporting enable businesses and professionals to turn raw data from various sources into actionable insights and, consequently, implement growth strategies. Data visualization helps businesses analyze vast amounts of data. The visual representation of data in charts, sheets, or tables enables professionals to identify data outliers, patterns, and potential issues effortlessly. Quantzig’s data visualization and KPI reporting experts’ team provides companies with the ability to efficiently use analytics, gain crucial actionable insights, and implement data-driven growth strategies.
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Data Management and Reporting Automation

In the fast-paced global economy and rapidly evolving industries, it is crucial for businesses to stay a step ahead of potential challenges and maintain a strategic advantage over competitors. Quantzig’s business intelligence solutions enable companies to efficiently compile, evaluate, and understand relevant and accurate data procured via various sources. Additionally, businesses aim to improve performance and propel growth with ease. Reporting automation enables companies to schedule and receive data at allotted time slots and helps professionals obtain and analyze relevant real-time data at preferred times. Quantzig’s data management experts help companies appropriately develop systems and processes to ensure the appropriate and relevant data is made available to professionals at pre-determined times and maintain well-ordered functioning.

Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

Retrieving data from various sources to process, migrate, and analyze data is crucial for data extraction. Data transformation is a component of data integration and involves converting data from the source format to the destination system’s format. Quantzig’s business intelligence solutions empower companies with the capabilities required to efficiently extract, transform, and load data sets from a source to a database. This enables companies to efficiently and accurately analyze relevant data sets and optimize operations.
Action Analytics

Quantzig has a proven track record in enabling business intelligence and advanced analytics for some of the world’s leading brands. We help businesses gain a front-line advantage by empowering them to identify, measure, and optimize business performance using dashboards and comprehensive reports that span different phases of BI enablement.

Being a leading analytics and business intelligence enablement firm, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading companies gain unparalleled access to smarter insights and analytically use data to drive outcomes. Request a free proposal to learn how business intelligence and analytics can accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

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